Do You Read Your Old Blog Posts? I normally don’t. After writing, I promptly forget about it. The only time I go back and reread is when I have to use my personalized Google Search Box to find out when my children and I fell sick! How convenient to have a diary with a search box. 🙂 That reminds me, I haven’t added two of my blogs in my search box. At the moment my search box yields results from 3 of my blogs because I forgot to add the other two.

Anyway, I went back to read one of my old blog posts written way back in 2006 because it keeps on appearing on my Statcounter. It is this post: Why Women Nag and Men Don’t Listen. It appears No. 2 on Google for the search term ‘Why Women Nag” so that is why I get the visitors but the funny thing is Why do people keep on searching for this?

I wonder if the people searching for it are male or female. I have a strange suspicion that they are men.

I reread the post and had a good laugh. However, it also serves as a reminder to myself to listen more to the kids rather than nag. That is a tall order! I am afraid I haven’t been very successful in that area since 2006 till now. If anything, I’ve gotten worse!

What about you? Do you read your old blog posts? You should. It may make you cry or laugh.

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