Its the End Of The Year. For some, there are 2 months to go. For me, its the End of The Year now. Why? What does the End Of The Year mean to me?

  1. It means the school winding down school activities and there are School Trips, Children’s Day parties and school concerts to look forward to
  2. It means the wrapping up of school tests and at last we have a breather and the kids don’t have to rush all the time and they can learn at a more normal pace! Phew!
  3. It means, it is time to look forward to Christmas and Chinese New Year which falls in the early part of the year in 2012 on 23 Jan 2012
  4. It means working hard on Squidoo as there are plenty of end of the year stuff to write about. Here’s my first – 2012 Calendar with Quotes.
On a light note: The little one went on a trip recently. I had expected him to be overjoyed and chatty when he got home but he was downcast.

One of the things he was unhappy about….

“Mummy, we had vegetables for lunch and the vegetables were worse than the ones you make at home”  😛

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