Recently I won some skincare products in a contest. Previously I had not bothered with skincare before because it was expensive, I didn’t have the time and I’m lazy. Since, I have this set of expensive skincare, I might as well use it and so I did.

Naturally the kids became curious to see me applying stuff on my face. I explained that the products were supposed to make my skin look better.

The little one came closer to have a better look at my face and said “Mummy, actually your face is quite ugly” in all seriousness. I was trying hard not to laugh as I explained to him that my face is ugly because of all the pores whereas his skin is young and smooth.

A week later….

The little one came and peered at my face again and said “Mummy, how come you are not yet beautiful?” This time I couldn’t stand it anymore and I burst out laughing. Kids really can be painfully honest at times.

That’s why I don’t buy skincare products. However, I shall continue using this one since I won it and it is very expensive. Thankfully I didn’t pay any money for it, otherwise I would be heartbroken to hear that remark from my son. 😉

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