I have been really busy just as I predicted. Time for only a few quick updates before I forget how to blog. 😉

1. Bye bye Streamyx and Hello Unifi. Naturally there are teething problems but we refuse to call the chargeable 1300 number so we’ve been running around in circles changing dongers, and moving or rather switching our pc from room to room just to get connected. Have to do all sorts of troubleshooting and testing just to find the reason for the bad connection. Is it the pc problem/the network adapter/the interference from the neighbour’s wifi, need to change channel, change donger, change pc or pull out hair? blah blah blah…*Shakes head*

2. We got ourselves several new shelves and tables and enjoying our family bonding session of putting them together. The kids love this. All the banging and screwing and counting of screws and looking and following the diagrams is a delight to both the kids. They’re having a fine time with the Allen Key, Phillips Screwdriver, etc. After that we all sit back and enjoy our hard work of putting up the shelf and the kids feel proud that they were involved in putting up their own tables or drawers etc. Putting together furniture is definitely an activity where you can and should involve kids, just be mindful of safety when handling tools and sharp nails that is all.

3. I received my Giant Squid trohpy over at Squidoo. That makes me a Giant Squid now. Too bad, I am too busy to celebrate or make any new lenses for the holiday season. I guess I will just have to update my existing ones if I can find some snippets of time.

4. I have received two back to school brochures from departmental stores and I thought the school holidays has just started! Yes, it would end very soon too and then I would have a Year 2 and Year 4 student at home. Gosh. Time flies!

Well, times up. I thought I had a lot of things to blog about but I can’t remember now. If I am not careful, I will forget how to blog in no time.

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