We did it at last. We finally converted our Wedding Tape from VHS to DVD. It’s about time too! We had kept our old VCR player (that is an old player that plays VHS tapes) up till now just for this purpose but never really gotten round to doing it till now. At first, I wanted to send my VHS tape to the photo shop for conversion. The man at the shop said, “Yes, you had better do it now. It will be harder and harder now to convert your old VHS memories into DVD format.” It’s almost obsolete now, we all know that and that is why he wanted to charge me RM140 for each hour of tape. Whoa…. I probably need to pay less than that for an old VCR Player.

So finally we did it and this was how we did it.

1. You will need a VCR Player and your old VHS tape (Borrow one from a friend if you don’t have one)











2. Next, you need a DVD player with a recordable function and a blank dvd disc











3. Then you will need a 3 RCA to 3 RCA Phono Cable for Audio and Video Connections color coded white, red and yellow. (Well at least, I think that’s what it’s called. It looks like a black cable wire with red, yellow and white ends on both sides. Here is a picture of the 3 RCA to 3 RCA Cable.











4. Make sure your DVD player is connected to your TV

5. Then you connect one end of the 3 RCA cable to your VCR Player’s Video and Audio Out Ports. If you are not sure, just follow the color coding and make sure you see the word “out”. Here is a view of the back of the VCR player, full view and close up view.




















6. Connect the other end of the 3 RCA Cable to your DVD Audio and Video In ports. There are two audio in ports for left and right audio and one video in port. Again, you should follow the color coding and look for the words “In”












7. Make sure that both the VCR Player and DVD Player as well as the TV are all connected to power points.

8. Turn on the TV to the correct viewing channel for the DVD Player. Select the Video Source (You may have to read up your DVD manual to find out how to record from external device like the VCR  as the instructions for that may be different depending on the DVD player you are using).

9. Finally, insert the VHS tape into your VCR player and press play on the VCR player then hit record on the DVD player.

10. Last of all, my recorded DVD cannot be played on other players or the PC. I had to take some final steps to finalise. This I did by pressing Disc Menu, selecting “Finalise” and “OK”. Again the steps to this may differ if you are using different DVD players. I am using the PHILIPS DVDR 3600.

After that I have a brand new wedding DVD converted from analogue to digital format playable on any other DVD player as well as my computer.

We saved RM140 for each hour of tape and at last we have our wedding memories preservered again in a format that isn’t outdated and obsolete. Not only did we save the money, we had a lot of fun watching our wedding video over again and laughing at the memories from 10 years ago. How fast technology has evolved.

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