“Love may start quickly but love that is patient, slow and kind survives in the long run” quoted by MG

If saying I Love You is hard for you, then try some of these ways to say I Love You….

  1. Smile at each other across the room
  2. An unexpected hug
  3. Do things together
  4. Reminisce about good times
  5. Greet each other. Say Hello, Goodbye, Good Morning and Good Night (without being distracted)
  6. Say I’m sorry. Forgive and Forget. Never go to bed angry with each other
  7. Be Polite, Gentle and Kind to one another. Say Thank You.
  8. Do things for him or her. Cook or tidy up or remind etc without nagging
  9. Put away your cell phone and talk to each other or text each other if you can’t put away that cell phone
  10. Be silly together. Laugh.


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