I was reading about the flash floods in KL last night and this reminded me of the flood experience I had when I was younger. I remember I used to live in the  Police Barracks in Bentong, Pahang. Once, there was a very bad flood and we were all evacuated. I was very young then, probably around 5 years old. All I could remember was looking at the swirling waters behind the pick-up truck we were travelling in and finding it so strange to be in a roomful of strangers sitting and lying on the floor in the evacuation center.

Later on we moved to Kuantan in the East Coast of Malaysia. The East Coast often has monsoon rains at the end of the year. We had a big drain at the back of our house and sometimes that would fill up quickly and flood waters would threaten to rise and enter the house. Usually it would flood all over the back garden that is all so we didn’t have to clean up very much. Another time, I remember wading around in knee deep waters in Kuantan town. I can’t remember why I was in town though.

I used to cycle to all over Kuantan on my own. I was around 13-15 years old at the time. I would cycle to the cinema in town, to the beach at the end of town, to my Organ lessons, to school for afternoon activities. Life was very carefree and different then. It was much more safe as compared to now though I did get my bicycle stolen once. I was shocked to find my bicycle gone when I came out of the cinema. Another time, I had my tyres punctured on purpose, I think, near the beach and I had to push it home up and down the hill. It was very far and very tiring. Hmm… maybe it wasn’t so safe after all.

Back to floods, it used to flood in my Penang house too. Whenever it rain, the water would quickly rise, pour in the front garden and into the house. My aunts always have a hard time cleaning up after that.

I haven’t experienced a flood in KL before but I certainly hope not to.

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