Yesterday I banked in my first Amazon Affiliate Cheque. Along with the cheque came an Invoice which had the word Vendor Name next to my name. I was so proud I didn’t even want to throw away the envelope that came with the cheque. Haha. It’s rather nice to receive cheques from big names like Google and Amazon. It’s lovely to receive money from Amazon, a place where people spend money. Though the amounts I receive are small, I feel elated because I learned to earn my pocket money all by myself.

No one suggested to me or taught me how to do it. Everything that I learned, I learned on my own, sometimes through trial and error. Read My Squidoo Log to see what I learned about Blogging and Amazon Affiliate Program vs Squidoo Lenses and Amazon Affiliate Referal links.

My dear friend suggested that I write an e-book next. I love that idea. Oh if only I had the time. You see, I think blogging is over the curve now. The golden age of blogging is over. If you were caught up in the first wave, it would have been very exciting.

Now we have so many social media sites and so much information. I don’t see many people going to blogs now for information. However ebooks may be a different thing the way tablet computers are selling like hot cakes. Ebooks may just be on the rising curve or at least even if it is on the way down it is not as far down as blogging.

Perhaps I may consider it, but oh if only I had the time. Hmm… what should I write about? Kids crafts? Breastfeeding? ???? I don’t have to write anything new. My 5 blogs some of which are 7 years old have lots of information I can pull from and there are lots of free resources to do so. Hmm… perhaps its time I learned something new again. My hands are itching but my time is limited.

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