I feel happy today and rather lost. I have been a whirlwind of activity for a while and then suddenly I feel lost, not knowing what to do next. So before I do anything I’d like to thank my dear childhood friend Kopi Soh.

You see, over butter cakes that she baked and brought over to my house for sleepovers, we used to chat all night and dream. One of our dreams was to write a book. When Kopi Soh eventually wrote a book, I just gaped at her with envy and told myself, when I have the time, when I have the time, I will get started. I am too busy now with too many projects. One day, I will get started…. One day….

It all seemed so hard somehow, like starring at a big strong wall. How do I get started on self publishing. I don’t know anything about self publishing a book. I told myself that if Kopi Soh could do it, so could I but still I delayed and dragged my feet.

However she showed me that ideas can give birth to more ideas and she was kind enough to share some of what she learned about self publishing with me. Thank you Kopi Soh.

I did it!

Today, I learned one very important thing.


Kopi Soh, this one’s for us…


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