Not long ago, there was a freak storm in my area. It damaged my porch lights. I got the electrician in to repair my lights but he said it was too troublesome. He would need to hack off one whole line of tiles in my porch to repair the damaged wiring. So, he suggested that I get solar lights. I hunted everywhere for solar lights and finally found an online supplier but the man said that his lights were very small and not suitable for my pillars.

While looking at his site, I saw that he was also selling portable solar power panels. There was a video of a lady who bought this solar panel and installed it on her roof herself. That looks quite interesting. Generating your own electricity using Solar Power is supposed to help to keep energy bills to the minimum. I wonder whether this portable DIY Portable Solar Panel will help. I would surely appreciate any way to lower my bills and help me to save over time.

I certainly need to reduce my electricity bills. It’s just been going up, up and up. Gas Prices are rising everywhere. I don’t see my utility bills coming down anytime soon. I guess it must be because of my air-condition usage. We turn it on frequently. The other problem is because I live in a terrace house. We have very little light in the house. It is so dark even during the day, we have to resort to switching on the lights all day, every day. I try to buy energy saving lamps but my electricity bills keep on rising. I would certainly appreciate any tips to reduce energy usage besides solar power. A gas and electric price product comparison site would also be useful.

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