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MOM = Mind Over Matter (My Latest CafePress Design)

I haven’t been blogging much lately. I have been so engrossed with self publishing my books and my squidoo lenses and creating designs for my cafepress shop. At the back of my mind are more poems I want to write and perhaps publishing some rhyming children’s books. So much to do so little time.

We didn’t celebrate Mother’s Day because the kids are having school tests. Besides, the man of the house believes that Mother’s Day are supposed to be celebrated by the kids with their mother so this mother will have to wait till her kids grow up enough to want to do something for their Mother. Well, this mom secretly wishes that the man would be involved in teaching them how to appreciate their mother by helping them to plan but then because May also happens to be my daughter’s birthday and our wedding anniversary, and too many celebrations tire him. lol.

So it was business as usual. this mom had to teach the kids, queue up in a long queue to buy takeout McDonald’s meal for the family because that’s the man’s idea of celebrating Mother’s Day. Then at the end of the day, one of the kids wanted this mother to play ball with him while the other wants me to play writing conversations with her while this mom tried to dry her hair with the hair dryer. This mother said, “Hey, whatever happened to my breakfast in bed and cards, and flowers and gifts and massage?” So the little one hurried over to give this mum a hug. lol.

That hug is worth all the presents and cards or flowers in the world.

At night, this mom was back to worrying about the girl because she was having a fever and a bad cough and her period came. So this mum had to spend 4 hours rubbing her back and tummy because it was painful from too much coughing.

Yes, it is business as usual for this mother but it does not matter.

What this mom wants most in this world is for her kids to be healthy and happy and good people.


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