Today I added a Pininterest Pin It Button for all my blogger blogs. This is a great way to get traffic, even for your old blog posts.

With more and more information available online, people’s attention are getting less and less. People are reading less and less and now, they just want to look at pictures before deciding whether to read. I suppose that is why Pininterest is so popular.

Pininterest has a section called “Goodies”¬†which includes Pin It Button for websites. However, I couldn’t quite figure out how to use that for this or for my blogger blogs. For this wordpress blog, I merely searched for Pininterest Plugin and installed the first plugin I saw out of the various available.

As for my blogger blogs, I used this – Pininterest Pin It Buttons And Follow Buttons For Blogger and WordPress from Spice Up Your

I implemented the step by step instructions from that blog on how to install the pininterest Pin In Button for all my blogger blogs. Great! Now, visitors will have more than one ways to share content from my blog. My Parenting Blog especially is full of images of crafts to share whilst my Quotes Blog has many beautiful Quotes and Images.

Happy Pinning.

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