How To Renew Your Indonesian Maid’s Passport Yourself

On Monday, I was at the Indonesian Embassy for 8 hours, from 9.30am to 5.30pm. I was there to renew my Indonesian Maid’s Passport myself. I have done this before in the past, about 2 years ago, saving myself a neat sum of agency fees. No doubt, the process is not that easy but neither is it hard and it only takes one day of your life. It is worth saving the amount in fees so why pay someone to do it when you can do it yourself?

So, if you are planning to renew your Indonesian Maid’s Passport yourself, I hope this post will help you. Before you go to the Indonesian Embassy, make sure you go to the Post Office to buy insurance for your maid. It is mandatory now. You will be required to submit a copy of the maid insurance when you are applying to renew your maid’s passport. The maid insurance is called Pos Maid Protector , you can view the premiums in the link I have just provided. The Pos Maid Protector is basically a Personal Accident insurance coverage for maids in the event, your maids meet with an accident or death, or in the event unwanted accident or damage happens to a third party due to negligence of your maids. At this point of writing, there are 4 plans, each for 1 or 2 years, it is up to you.

Once you have purchased the maid insurance, you can head over to the Indonesian Embassy. The address is as follows:

No 233, Jalan Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur, 50400, Kuala Lumpur, WP Kuala Lumpur, 50400, Malaysia Tel: +60 3-2116 4000

Working Hours:

Mon – Thur : 09.00 – 17.00 (Lunch : 13.00 – 14.00)

Fri : 09.00 – 17.00 (Lunch : 12.30 – 14.30)

* Do note that all counters are closed during lunch break. I was not able to get there first thing in the morning. I arrived slightly after 9am. As a result my number was only called after lunch.

Here is the location map of the Indonesian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur. Please take note that the maps are not always accurate, however it will give a general idea of where it is located.

View Larger Map

* “The location is beside Kuwait embassy and Prince Court Medical center. It is just at the junction of Jalan Bukit Bintang and Jalan Tun Razak so you have to be carefull to go there if you are driving, actually you can go by Jalan Delima and come again to Jalan Tun Razak. For your information, It is not at the junction of Jalan Yap Kwan Seng and Jalan Tun Razak.”  (I got this information from a review on Google Maps)

To renew your Indonesian Maid’s Passport, you will need to have the following documents:

  1. 3 copies of contract (Kontrak Kerja) – which will be given to you at the Embassy
  2. 2 copies of the Maid Insurance
  3. Maid’s Old Passport (Original)
  4. 1 copy of Maid’s Passport (1st, 2nd and last page. The 1st page has the maid’s photo and information on it, the 2nd page is the page with the work permit information and the last page which says “Official Notes/Catatan Resmi” has information about the old passport.)
  5. 2 copies of employer’s I/C
  6. 1 copy of letter of authorization if you are not the employer (for example, your husband is listed as the employer and you the wife are making the application)
  7. 2 copies of I/C of the person making the application on behalf of the employer (for example, the wife of the employer)

Items 6 & 7 are not required if you are the named employer in your original maid application.

Once you have these documents you are ready for the procedure to renew your Indonesian Maid’s Passport. Photocopy services is free at the Indonesian Embassy, however the queue can be long so it is better to have these documents ready beforehand. However, the good thing is they will know exactly what to photocopy.

Procedure to renew your Indonesian Maid’s Passport

  1. Collect the cover letter and 3 copies of the work contract (Kontrak Kerja). Make sure your maid knows her next of kin’s name and address as this information is required.
  2. Make photocopies of your documents if you have not done so. Photocopy is free of charge.
  3. Show your documents and collect a number to enter.
  4. Queue up to go to the photo taking room. Make sure your maid is not wearing white as the background for the photo is white. Photos are taken free of charge.
  5. After the photo is taken, enter the waiting room and wait for your number to be called.
  6. When your number is called, submit the documents and pay the passport renewal fee. (RM 18 for 3 years or RM75 for 5 years)
  7. After you have submitted the documents, wait for your number to be called again. This time your maid will be “interviewed” (asked some questions) by the Embassy staff.
  8. After the interview, wait for your number to be called again to collect the passport.
* Make sure you are not wearing shorts or sandals.
The procedure is also stated in the KBRI Kuala Lumpur. You can check to see if there are any new updates to the procedure here – Penggantian Paspor RI Habis Masa Berlaku

About the Work Contract (Kontrak Kerja)

If you visit the KBRI Kuala Lumpur (Indonesian Embassy Kuala Lumpur) website, you will notice that you can download a copy of the Kontrak Kerja. At the moment, I don’t think the copy that is provided for download is enforceable yet. The downloaded copy preprints a salary of RM700, the contract is for 2 years. The agent will be required to sign  a “job offer” and a day off or payment in lieu is stated clearly in the contract. Certain jobs are also prohibited like painting house, repairing the fence, gardening, washing the car etc.

The contract that is currently provided, allows you to state the number of years, you may fill in the salary yourself, your agent does not have to sign and there is no mention of a day off. However, they will announce a minimum pay of RM600 over the loudspeaker at the Embassy.

My experience when renewing our Indonesian Maid’s Passport

  • My husband dropped me and my maid at the Embassy around 9.30am. There were touts everywhere. I just brushed them off by saying “Sudah buat”.
  • We collected the cover letter and 3 copies of the contract. We sat on the bench to complete and sign the contract. I saw that the photocopy queue was very long. Fortunately we had made our copies earlier.
  • When we had finished completing the cover letter, we got our entrance number. Our number was 2102.
  • We queued for the photo taking session. The elderly woman behind me with a face full of white powder tried to cut our queue and when she couldn’t she stood very very close to us, pressing herself against us and at the door of the photo taking room she even put her hands on my shoulder and back. There was another smiley faced younger woman, who smiled and then suddenly she was in front of us in the queue, she tried this smiling tactic a few times and finally managed to cut queue behind the powdered faced elderly woman. Everyone was just pressing or standing as near to each other as they could. Sigh. The man had another queue, different from the women. There were less men, so they just sailed right through. I noticed that they have put up breastfeeding curtains for women who needed to breastfeed their children. That is a good thing.

    It was very crowded

  • After taking the photos, we entered the waiting room at around 10am. There was no place to sit. The room was big but it was very crowded. I was not sure whether I had photocopied the correct pages of the passport so I slipped out to the photocopy station. The queue was gone by then. I had not photostated the last page, so they did it for me.
  • When I returned I saw many people who had come from the photo room queueing at the counters, so I queued too thinking that was what I was supposed to do. After a while, they made and announcement to ask everyone to sit down and wait for their numbers to be called.
  • My number was 2102, the number that was called at the time (around 10am) was 2021. I waited till 1.00pm. The number that was called was 2092 at the time. Then they announced that it was lunch time and pulled down all the blinds at the counters to close up for lunch.
  • We left the building. There were people everywhere. Some of the were sitting in the middle of the grassed road divider chatting and eating. We found a convenience store at the next building. I bought two maggie mee cup noodles and two sachets of milo and horlicks and asked the man whether we could eat at his shop. He had hot water and a table with 4 chairs. He said no problem so that was where we had our meal, away from the crowds and in cool aircon comfort. Phew!
  • After lunch, our number was called fairly quickly. I lost track of time. The girl checked the documents, asked my maid where she was from and requested for payment. I paid RM18 for 3 years renewal but at the end of the day, I found out that they had given us a 5 year renewal. I noticed that all the maid passport renewal were four digit numbers starting with the number 2. There were only 2 counters serving the maid passport renewal. They were counters 8 & 9.
  • After paying we were told to go to counter 20 when our number was called again.
  • At counter 20, the man asked my maid how long she had been working and whether she was going to go home for a holiday. When my maid replied yes, he showed her a card which looks like an I/C. He asked her whether she knew of that card. He told her that the card is the KTKLN card (Kartu Tenaga Kerja Luar Negeri). He told her that she must have the card when she returns to Malaysia or she will not be allowed to enter the country. Then he told her that the card can be applied at various places in Indonesia. He asked her to copy down the address and contact number of the Indonesian office closest to her home so that she can apply for the card in Indonesia. There was a list of addresses and contact of all the places where this KTKLN card can be applied for in Indonesian pasted on the wall in front of the counter.Then he told us to go to counter 18 or 19 when our number was called to collect the passport.

    The waiting room outside, after 5pm

  • We waited till 5pm. Closing time. Our number was still not called! At 5 pm, they ushered everyone outside to another waiting area. This time they called by name instead of numbers. We heard our maid’s number called so we queued up at the counter to collect her passport. At the counter, the girl told mymaid, “No, your number has not been called yet”. I queued up and tried again. I informed the girl that our name HAD been called. The girl said “No, it is not with me.” Finally, much to our relief, we heard my maid’s name being called again. As it turned out, there was another name very much the same as hers!
  • By the time we left with the passport, it was 5.30om. We had arrived there at 9.30am. There had been a lot of pushing and shoving and standing very close to people all day. What a tiring day.

Yay! We've got our documents.

I hope this post helps those who wish to renew their Indonesian Maid’s Passport themselves. I’ve tried to make it as detailed as possible but if you still have any questions, feel free to ask me.

Please note that I am not an agent. I am just the employer’s wife who also happens to be a blogger. :) The procedure here is what I experienced on this day 28th May 2012. It may change and be updated by the authorities later on so what appears accurate now may change over time.

Below is the sample copy of letter of authorization to renew maid’s passport on behalf of named employer. (For example wife applying on behalf of husband or vice versa). I wrote it myself so the Malay may not be accurate or fantastic but it is was accepted without question so you may use it as a sample.



Kedutaan Besar Republik Indonesia

KBRI Kuala Lumpur

(Indonesian Embassy Kuala Lumpur)

No 233, Jalan Tun Razak

50400  Kuala Lumpur


Perkara :    Penggantian Paspor Habis Masa Berlaku

Nama   :   

No Paspor.:   

Saya, ——————, (NRIC No: ——————) memberi kebenaran kepada isteri saya, ————– (NRIC No: ——————) untuk menandatangani kontrak kerja dan bertindak bagi pihak saya untuk penggantian paspor habis masa berlaku pembantu rumah kami, iaitu ——————- (No Paspor —————-).


Terima Kasih,



Nama Majikan:

No I/C:

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49 thoughts on “How To Renew Your Indonesian Maid’s Passport Yourself

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  4. I wondering how much does an agent charge if he is doing it.

    Two years ago, my agent wanted to charge me RM350 (minus insurance cost) for doing it, so I did it myself then too. At the time insurance was not mandatory so it was not included in the cost. I don’t know how much they will charge now. The cost of doing it myself is RM18 for the passport renewal. I also paid RM85 for 2 years insurance. 1 year is RM60 for the cheapest plan.

  5. Wow! So much hassles? Good thing I don’t have a maid! LOL! But thanks for sharing and I’m sure there are lots of people who will need the information provided here : )

    This is the hardest part, applying for the work permit is much easier. :)

  6. iM going next monday to renew my maids passport for the 2nd time.the last time, insurance was not mandatory so im gonna take the RM60 insurance from Pos Msia for 1 year. ive a question here, how about the 2nd year insurance? do we need purchase as well to show the authorities for our next renewal or just keep this 1st years insurance till her passport expires? Im a little confuse here. im afraid that they may ask for the 2 years insurance policy (same as their passport validity period). will ther be any rejection if we fail to show them?

    My maid is been going back twice a year. The last she went was last year Nov and she’s goin back again next month (July 2012). so far she dont have this KTKLN card.shes be goin in and out fr msia with only her passport. Is this a new rule which was just implemented or its just a optional..?

    my final question.. “Collect the cover letter”
    What is cover letter. this is new to me.

    thanks MG.. hope u can assists me on this…


    Hi, I too was worried about the one year’s insurance being not enough to cover the period of work permit and it being rejected during applications for other things like the passport, work permit or KTKLN card. I asked the agent, she pushed me to the insurer, which couldn’t give me an answer. I called the Embassy and the phone was either engaged or ringing. In the end, I just decided to buy 2 years since 2 years is RM85 to avoid any hassle of rejection. Yes, the KTKLN card is a quite new, so your maid will need it now. Make sure you teach her exactly what to do so she won’t get cheated by touts. As for the cover letter, it is just a form to attach with all the documents you are submitting. Finally, here are some websites you can check out regarding the KTKLN. I can’t vouch for their accuracy or whether the information is the latest but it helps in the understanding of the process.


    I hope that helps. Good luck to you. Better go early.

  7. OMG! Just a glance at the crowd is enough to scare me off.

    I thank God that I have never had to hire an Indonesian maid. I don’t think I ever will – I have seen and heard how badly a few Indonesian maids treat the elderly esp my dear grandmother.

    I definitely will not recommend them to care for young children…

    lol. Scary huh the crowd. However, I am willing to go through it because I have a good helper. I do agree with you that it is not a good idea to let maids look after the young or the elderly without close supervision. Even my maid tells me horror stories about how the other maids took advantage of an elderly woman in her previous employment by stealing her gold chains or throwing away her soiled clothing and pretending they were lost instead of washing them. As for kids, it is the mother or father’s job to look after them, not assign the ‘task’ to the maid, enuf said. My maid makes my housework lighter so I can spend more time with the kids. :)

  8. hi there… the info that you provide is very useful. My mum’s maid’s passport & permit going to expired soon. FYI, my mum’s maid applied using by brother name who not staying in KL, I would like to help to renew the passport & permit, am i allow to do so? Can i ask my brother to write an authorization letter authorise me as sister to do it? cause i saw all mentioned “spouse” “wife apply on hehalf” etc… pls. advise if you know. million thanks!!!

    Hi. I think it should be ok but you can call the Embassy to clarify. Then remember to bring along the letter of authorization signed by your brother. You must also bring copies of his I/C and your I/C.

  9. Hi, thanks for all the useful info. I’m planning to renew my maid’s passport soon, and my agent told me that I’ll need to bring her bank account passbook along to show the embassy people tnat her salary is being paid. Also, the account must be in her nane only. Is that true? It is not stated anywhere in the Indonesian embassy’s website, and none of the blogs I’ve visited so far mention it. Thanks for your help!

    Hello, Jack. I just went at the end of May, 2012 and as you can see from my blog post above, no, there is no such requirement at the time, unless this is something new after May. :)

  10. hi there, yes you are right. I’m allowed to represent my brother for the renewal with authorization letter. i called to Indonesia Embassy 03-2111 4016 to clarify and double confirm. Thanks for your sharing. It really helps to safe lots of time :)

    Hello Shelly, thank you for coming back here to share your experience with us. Sorry, I did not reply to you earlier as I was not feeling well.

  11. Hi, A very informative post. Thank you so much. I just want to double check abt the KTKLN. My maid is going back in Aug 2012. Any idea how long it takes for the card to be ready.

    Hello Devakie. The application can only be done by the maids themselves back in their hometown. Apparently the application takes only a day but I do not know this for certain as my maid is still back in her hometown for her holiday.

  12. Hi, thanks for posting this. Planning to go renew my maid’s passport next week. Yes, the crowd looks scary and still trying to decide what time I should be there. Will definitely get all copies of documents ready. Hope things will go smoothly. BTW, do they announce the queue numbers over the PA system or they just should the numbers out? Thanks.

    Hello Carol, they will announce the numbers using a number system. However, sometimes there will be a crowd lining up at the counters and they will periodically ask everyone to go back to their seats till their number is called. 😉

  13. Hi, did your maid get interviewed? I was asking an agent and he said that there are 3 questions that embassy staff will ask: 1) Is maid getting a day off? 2) Is maid getting min RM700 3) Does maid have her own bank account? Thanks.

    The only thing they asked my maid was how long she had been working and whether she was going back for a holiday and small talk on where is her kampung etc, plus they informed her that she must make her KTKLN card in order to return and told her where to apply for it. That is all.

  14. It seems that if we use an agent, they are asked more stringent conditions. Maybe I should just bring my maid to the embassy on my own 😉

  15. You went with an authorisation letter. But on the work contract, do you fill in your husband’s name and then sign on his behalf? Thanks.

    Yes, that is what I did, Carol. I filled in his name and signed on his behalf.

  16. Hi, i’ve one more question. Some people say that we need to get our maids thumbprint at the immigration taken b4 they go on leave. Is this true for maids with legal permits or is that for illegal foreign workers under the recent bleaching exercise? I thought you’ll be the right person bcos ur maid just went on leave. Thanking you in anticipation

    Hello Devakie, sorry for getting back to you so late. I was sick with chicken pox! Anyway, regarding your question, no, my maid was not even present at the immigration when we did the work permit renewal.

  17. Hi, I finally completed this daunting task yesterday. Went to the embassy at 6am sharp and managed to get everything done and collected passport @ 11.45am. Thanks for all the information on your blog.

    Hello Carol, you did it in really good time! I’m so sorry I didn’t get back to you about the contract. I was feeling too sick… with chicken pox. Imagine getting chicken pox and having to look after the house and two young kids, just when the maid is away on holiday. Just my luck!

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  19. if i buy the 2 years insurance,how about 3rd year when go for immigration renewal permit? no need bother it? then also can apply the 3rd year permit ?

    Hello May, previously I did not buy any insurance because it was not compulsory. However, it is compulsory for renewing passport now. So, you will need to buy insurance to cover the new passport validity period if you are renewing your maid’s passport at any time during her work permit period.

  20. insurance offered only valid for 2 years coverage.How about the 3rd year for renew work permit? need to buy another one year ansurance before go renewal work permit?Or immigration wont care about the insurance matter on 3rd year?

    Hello May, Immigration does not look at the insurance when issuing work permits. They will check the passport to make sure that the dates cover the work permit period. It is the Embassy which requires you to have maid insurance before you renew the passport. So, if at any time you need to renew the passport, then you must show the insurance when applying for the renewal.

  21. Hi, I would like to know when is the next time you should renew your maid’s passport since it is valid for 5 years instead of the usual three years. From my experience, I have to renew my maid’s on every two years even though they offer three years validation. Your advice is deeply appreciated.

    Hello Dean. In the past, my maid’s passport was for 3 years, however, like you said, I had to renew it when two years was up. This is because, I wanted to renew her work permit and the passport validity did not cover the work permit period. The work permit has to be renewed yearly. So, in my case when I wanted to renew it for the third year, her passport was till April the next year, whereas I wanted to extend the work permit till July the next year, so I had no choice but to renew the passport before I renewed the work permit. I hope you understand what I’m trying to say.

  22. Hi,
    Has your maid came back from the Raya Holiday?
    As my parents’ maid has been blocked in Bandung Kastam last nite, telling her that she do not have the card.
    After some google, I think the Kastam refer to the KTLKN card. And my dad actually did call one of the agent (my parents renew her contract by themselves, not through agent), the agent tell him that the only way the maid can come back is through illeagally way, where by she need to fly to Medan, then take boat to Port Klang. To me, this is not fair to the maid as well as is a dangerous options, how if there is anything happen to her? Luckily I found this and I hope you can share more on what shall my parents’ maid do to apply the kad back in Indonesia if you have any?
    And I did ask my dad about the kontract kerja, he said he only knew there is a paper which is attached together with the passport, is this the kontract kerja?

    Hello Chee Chee, Yes my maid is back. She did not have any trouble applying for the KTKLN card as she has all the documents required. Have a look at Link No. 2 in my reply to Jacob in comment No. 8 above. That link has useful information on how to apply for a KTKLN card written by a maid. The paper attached to the passport is not the kontrak kerja. That is the work permit. The kontrak kerja or contract of employment is the contract that is required to be signed by employer and maid at the time of renewing the passport. I have also written another post about What to Do When Your Maid Goes Back For A Holiday and What To Do If She Does Not Return. I hope some of the information in there is useful to you.

  23. Thanks for the prompt response.
    The employment contract is signed every year, is it? or only when renewing her passport?

    And the employement contract, you only photocopy for her? As I read from some of the links saying that required the original contract.

    You are required to sign the employment contract when renewing the passport. However, it is up to you to add the date or duration for the employment contract before signing. The passport can be renewed for 3 or 5 years so if your contract is dated for one year or two, then you may need to renew it before the next passport renewal period. The employment contract is signed in triplicate, one copy for the employer, one for the maid and one is kept by the embassy. To answer your question, I am not sure whether the original is required. I gave my maid a copy but she also has her own original copy with her.

  24. That was a great info sharing, but we do have another obstacle now as we cannot find the employment contract now. Will follow the thread and hopefully we can get her back as soon as possible. Thanks again.

  25. one more question, how long your maid waited to get the card? on that day itself?

    Hello Chee Chee. My maid said it was quite simple. It took her only 20 minutes. She paid 300,000.00 rupiah for 2 years. (You can select the number of years). According to her they main documents they were keen to check on were the passport and the surat cuti (a letter from the employer stating that the maid is going back for a holiday and will be returning to employment with them). My maid did her card application at the designated offices, however according to her, those who did not have their cards with them could also apply at the airport itself too. She suggests you try to send a surat cuti to your parent’s maid and then inform her to try to apply using that and her passport. I hope this helps. Good Luck.

  26. Appreciate for the information.
    My parents’ maid actually checked out about the card in Bandung Airport , but they mention that to process the card, required the Majikan to be there which I think is not making sense, right? as the card is released by Indonesia, not Malaysia also.

    No, that is not correct. My maid applied for the card on her own without our presence.

  27. Hi, yr post was really helpful. I just renewed my maids passport this morning. Took me 6 hrs to complete the entire process. Rched KBRI ard 7am (shocked to see the long long queue). Luckily the ladies queue was not that long. I thought that was the only queue, but apparently they have started releasing by batches just for form collection. Sad thing they didn’t allowed the majikan to go in first (all of us had to wait outside until 8am). Although, my maid already got the form but did not know how to fill up until I was there (luckily she had her hp wt her, easier to locate her). After completing the cover letter & contract, I queued up for number collection. Took another 30mins here. Noticed they gave numbers based on categories. For maid numbers started wt 2xxx. Mine was 2052. As per yr advice, I photocopied all the documents. We straight away went to the photo taking queue, which took another 45min. By 9.30am, we were already at the waiting hall for our number to be called. Finally was called @ 11.30am. The lady checked all the docs but needed another copy of the authorized letter (i applied on behalf of my hubby). So I rushed to the photo copy (no queue) & yes it’s FOC. Handed the copy & pd RM18 of 24 pages for 5yrs (new process, no longer 3 yrs). I was so relieved when she sd 5 yrs :). She told us to wait for our number to be called again @ counter 6. This is mainly the document “rechecking” & maid “interview”.This is where the frustration started. The guy @ counter 6 took application from agency (cutting queue) & totally ignored ppl waiting. Took us almost 1 hr until our number is called (the process only takes less than 5min). then we were told to wait @ passport collection counter 27 – 30. This place no aircon & it started raining just after 5mins waiting. Just before 1pm, we we called for passport collection. Phew…thank god. It was before their lunch hour. Seriously, sharp 1pm they just shut down their counter & off for lunch.

    Btw, I only took 1 yr insurance. No question was asked & noticed that they needed bcoz our gov said so. They didn’t even check the content of the insurance.

    My next step, renew maid permit :).

    Phew! Pant. Pant. I can feel what you described. Good thing its over with. The hard part is over. Renewing the permit is really easy. :) I’ve got a post somewhere about it for those renewing the maid’s permit and the Jalan Duta Immigration Office. Here it is. Renewing Maids Work Permit At Jalan Duta Immigration Office”

  28. thanks for sharing, i do not have maid but dealing with Indonesian employees at factory. Penang Indonesian Embassy also very crowd with theirs people. sometime not seat available.

  29. This site is useful. I am going to renew the passport of my maid who was here for less than a year. humpf! She wanted me to renew as there are no more pages for any immigration stamps/ visa as we travel pretty often and she claimed the Indonesia side will give her problems if there is no fresh page. Will the procedure be the same?

    Hello, I suppose the procedure should be the same but it is better to check with the Indonesian Embassy.

  30. Just renewed my maid’s passport yesterday 27 December,2012. I dread this ritual because of the horrible queue to get into the embassy grounds so that you get the application form(Limited for any day to about 100 for maids). The fight to get the form and the queue is awful. The embassy staff will let you in via a small side gate where only 2 people can pass through at any time. so the shoving is intense. Once you get the application form and number it’s just waiting and this can be a very LOOOOONG wait.
    We got number 2133. At 1.00 p.m the counters closed and the last number served was 2107. We managed to be called at 3.00 pm and our documents were counted. It was over in 5 minutes.

    Now the counters to submit maid application form is counters 16, 17, 18 (3 counters). Please wait around these counters. You can’t hear the announcement as the hall is so crowded. We then had to go to counter 6. This is where the documents are checked in detail. We had to wait for another 1 1/2 hour as only one person was doing this.After 4.30 we got the slip to collect. By golly the waiting room was standing room only, it’s stuffy and they yelled out your maid’s name. so I told my maid to wait and inform me whem she got her passport. We left the embassy at My maid’s friend left the embassy at 8p.m. Thank goodness I need to do this again 5 years later, if I still need my maid and if she still wants to work with us.

    Who knows in 5 years time so many new laws and regulations could be enforced. hope the above info helps. By the way the embassy announced that minimum wage is RM700 per month.

    Thank you for sharing Ana, it is EXACTLY as you described. Imagine after enduring all that, my maid went back for a holiday in July and returned 3 weeks later. Then in October, she went back again and never returned. 😛

  31. yes, we are at their mercy really and nothing is for certain. The new kontrak kerja which I signed on my husband;s behalf is for 5 years, but expectations are on a daily basis. If my maid leaves tomorrow I don’t think we will take any legal action so the kontrak is just a paper only. sigh.

  32. Hi, firstly I would like to thank you on such an informative blog. I went to Penang embassy to make a kontrak kerja last week. They require a bank book under the maid’s name. Joint accounts are not accepted. They also want detailed statement reagrding money sent home etc. I prepared a statement on my own and got my maid to sign it. Just wanted to share this news with you.
    And so sorry to hear that your maid went back after all that hassle. My maid has gone for a month break and I am keeping my finger’s crossed. I need to renew the passport in August as well is she returns and already dreading the prospect of it.
    Once again great job with your blog.

    Thank you for sharing Santhi, and for your kind and generous comments. We are making do without a maid now but I am ultra busy! Most days I go out without combing my hair and I wear my shoes and put on my make up in the car while hubby is driving. lol.

  33. Hi, if my maid queue to take the forms and i queue to take the number, would it be possible? These 2 queues are outside the embassy gate? I hv to bring my children because no one is around to take care of them.. wish me luck ?

    Hello Aida, there is just one queue. So you and your maid can queue up together. If you see any touts just say no with your hands and your head. lol. You queue up for the form, fill it up, then give the completed forms to the guard who will give you a number. You then queue up to get your maid’s photo taken (for free) then you go into the room and wait for your number to be called. Good luck to you. The first time I went, I brought my two kids too and my husband. Lol. We always go everywhere together since there is no one to look after them. We go to the clinic together, to the police station together to report that my maid is not returning from Indon after all this trouble we had renewing her passport and work permit, the kids even accompany me to my gynae appointment. Nothing to it yes, Aida. We are used to it and the kids are close to us as a result. 😉

  34. Hi, thanx for de info, i can’t sleep coz i cannot imagin how is de crowd n how my kids will taking it. m now still at de embassy waiting since 8.10am. i brought 2 maids, one belongs to my parent. supposedly i hv to take 2 numbers each but de person just gave me one. luckily my maid asked and de guard help me to take a new number and de number was not tht far. but bcoz of this only 1 of them was called before lunch. now de counter is reopening and she is waiting for intv. so next time, pls remember to take one number each per maid. guess will be spending one whole day here today. managed to rest while feeding my baby at de nursing area. but my son start playing with de curtain n we were asked to b out once i’m finished. but i was safe by my baby ‘poopoo’ time and managed to rest a little bit longer there. do you think i can get their passport today?

    I think should be able to get by today but late in the evening probably around 5-6pm if called after lunch. Good luck.

  35. have been DIY my maid passport renewal after year 3. Everytime get caught in new rules when reached the embassy. Therefore would like to know. For maid passport renewal, if there is any new requirement like the maid must have bank account under her name ?

    not at the time when I renewed the passport.

  36. Hi there!

    Thanks soo much for the info.. really help the readers! Sorry to hear about your maid not coming back, just to be ‘kay-poh’ did u manage to call her or anything? Does this stop you from having a replacement maid? I can’t imagine myself without maid.. with four children..
    Btw, I would like to know whether is it ok if we just leave our maid there and we (employer) come back after few hours? I had experienced this two years back and to recall that, the employer need to be there to hand over the documents and also available for the payment process, right? For taking number, photo and passport collection can be done by maid or do they need employer to be around all the time?

    No, we did not manage to speak to her. For now, I’m not thinking of getting another maid. I only have two kids and they are older now. I’m also not working so we should be able to manage. You are right. The system is the same as you remembered don’t need to be around the whole time.

  37. I’m not sure if I was having a bad day or the officer was the one who is having a bad day (he was upset with a few maids that he interviewed earlier). In short, I was given “hints” to revise the salary to RM800 and change the bank joint account to personal account under the maid’s name or else they won’t release her passport. I’m not sure if this is related to my maid having work long with me or not.

    If you are required to open a new account for your maid please remember to get back your maid old passport. In my haste, I forgot about that and had to go back to the embassy to get it back. Initially they want to give me a verify true copy. I told them I don’t want to take the risk. The bank might reject it. They relented and returned the old passport to me.

    I saw quite a number of people applying for “surat cuti” which I later found out to be the contract. Note that the contract is valid one year (paragraph 1c). Paragraph 10 stated that the contract can be extended between employer and domestic worker. But I’m not sure if the embassy approval is required or not to make it a valid contract. Therefore, if your maid wanted to take cuti, you need a valid contract for her so to apply KTKLN card in Indonesia. If you don’t have a valid contract (which I believe most of us won’t have), you need to go to the embassy to get a new contract.

    the Surat cuti is not the same as the contract.

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  39. Hi, I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for this meticulously detailed guide. It helped me tremendously when I renewed my maids passport recently. There are a few changes now tho:
    1. Instead of collecting form the embassy, I downloaded the kontrak kerja from the indinesian embassy website. Typed in all the details required and printed out 3 copies.
    2. Rest of the documents are exactly as you have in your list. I did all the photostating before hand.
    3. The embassy allows ppl in batch by batch starting very early. We arrived at the gate by 7am and waited in a short line. After about half hour the gate was opened and the que outside goes in to join another longer que that’s already formed inside.
    4. 9am the counter for number opens and we take a number (after they check that our documents are in order) and enter a big hall. There we wait for number to be called. When number is called, maid goes behind a screen where they take her picture and will interview her. Once done the lady at counter gives my maid a slip with a “loket no” on it and a collection date (3 working days later) . They then tell her she can leave and to collect her passport at Bank Mandiri in chow kit on the date given. The whole process from collection of number till we left was about 1 1/2 hrs! It’s now a biometric passport which takes 3 working days to process and the cost has also increased to RM47 (previous RM18) for 5 years.
    5. On collection day, we walked into the bank and were given the passport immediately. Paid RM5 for a passport cover and walked out.

    In conclusion, things are much faster now with the biometric system. It is less crowded(compared to the last time we did it 5yrs back). Can be done in half a day if not less if all documents are in order.

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