During the recent school holidays, we took the kids to Aquaria, KLCC. The last time we went was a few years ago, when the kids were younger. I don’t think the kids remember anything from that visit. We asked them and they could hardly recall. They did remember the souvenir turtle and fish plush toys we bought them though, which has long ago been donated away. So, we made a family trip to Aquaria KLCC again with kids aged 8 and 10 and a domestic helper in tow.

Admission Fees: We took a family package which was RM99 plus they charged RM35 for our domestic helper. I’m glad they allowed my maid to go in on the same fees Malaysian’s with MyKad. That makes sense. I remember when we went to Penang Hill, our maid’s entrance fee cost more than the four of my family member’s entrance ticket fee put together!

Opening Hours are from 11am to 8pm on a weekday and 10.30am to 8am for weekends, public holidays and school holidays with last entry allowed at 7am.

Location of Aquaria KLCC: Kuala Lumpur Convention Complex, Kuala Lumpur City centre.

Contact: Tel +603 2333 1888  Fax +603 2380 0069

Location Map of Aquaria KLCC:

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Now, onto the photos for our family trip to Aquaria KLCC

Colorful fishes at Aquaria KLCC aquarium

The colorful aquariums were located at the end of the short walk through. The kids enjoyed taking pictures of the colorful fishes

I liked the colorful prawns. There were spotted ones and striped ones

Column of fish at Aquaria KLCC

Whooo woooo. It it casper the ghost flying over our heads? No, its just a giant stingray. They look so graceful.

My girl liked this yellow fish

Pretty corals swirling around

Sinister looking shark. I think the fishes have grown in size since the last time we went

Yes, its confirmed. They HAVE grown in size!

It was really exciting to get close to Mr Turtle here. He looks so graceful swimming over our heads.

We bought souvenirs. One of them was a cute little aquarium with fish that could swim in water, powered by magnets and a motor that runs on batteries. It didn’t work! We had to go back the next day to change it. We parked behind, near Mandarin Oriental this time instead of in KLCC.

The highlight of our family trip to Aquaria, KLCC is at the entrance where we were allowed to touch the bamboo shark and see cucumbers. We also got to see a diver feeding the fish. He is brave to swim among the sharks! The children also enjoyed walking in the tunnel and we went through it twice to get our money’s worth to get a different view of the fishes and maximise our enjoyment. The first time, there were a party of kindergarten kids ahead of us. Their oohs and ahhs were so much fun, so we joined in their obvious pleasure. The second time was quieter, kids really know how to have fun. 🙂

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