My husband calls me the Contest Queen. That’s because I love to enter contests. He used to complain about me entering contests.

  1. He didn’t like it that I was giving away personal information like telephone numbers, identification card numbers etc on all those contest forms. Every time, I get a strange phone call, he’d say it was possibly due to my giving away my phone numbers to third parties on contest forms.
  2. Sometimes I win little prizes and he’d have to drive me to “faraway lands’ to collect them. Once, he drove me round and round to collect some stockings from a factory far way. lol.

However, I started winning many other things and he still complained but less. I won mostly shopping vouchers, books, toys, beauty products, jewelry. It’s really amazing and worthwhile to enter contests. I’ve won…

  1. a bag full of books worth about RM500,
  2. about RM1,000 in shopping vouchers,
  3. perfumes lots of it, Burberry Body, Salvatore Ferragamo,
  4. beauty products from Elizabeth Arden and Givenchy plus a whole set of SKII products worth about RM800,
  5. pearl necklaces,
  6. a watch worth RM1,000,
  7. lots of toys,
  8. stationery,
  9. magazine subscriptions,
  10. movie tickets,

… and more. Recently I won a hotel and spa voucher worth RM1,600.

I was so happy. I planned to use the voucher today, on my birthday. I wanted to surprise the kids after school, pick them up then bring them to the hotel. Unfortunately the hotel is out of town so the man didn’t agree so we had a fight and then he didn’t want me to enter contests anymore. He was really mad too but he’ll get over it, then he’ll drive me to “faraway lands” to collect my little gifts again. I was really mad at him too but then he took half a day off so we could eat my cake earlier with the kids so….. Well, that’s married life.

Anyway, this is about contests, not about my married life. After entering so many contests, I was really excited to be able to hold my own contest on my Parenting Times blog. However, I also had the jitters…. So many what ifs….

I used the Rafflecopter formΒ to manage the giveaway contests. It’s really easy. There’s this widget which you have to paste on your blog. Then you set the ways participants can submit entries. After that, moderation of entries is easy. You can easily view all the entries and verify that the participant has done what they are supposed to do.

A few things I was nervous about.

  1. The “delete” button in my rafflecopter controls was very near the “moderation” button. I was worried I’d accidentally delete all the entries. What would I do then?
  2. I was worried that the sponsors or in this case the PR company who worked with the sponsor would not follow through or take their own sweet time to get back to the winner. What would I say to the winner? Still worried about this actually…

Then I did a really stupid thing. I was very excited to announce the winner. So I hit “Announce” on my Rafflecopter form but nothing happened. Then I hit “Undo” and “Announce” (still nothing happened) and “Undo” again. lol. Then I became worried. Oh my goodness, what if several emails were sent out to several winners because of my announce/undo? lol. Finally, I figured out that I had to select “Pick A Winner” first before hitting “Announce”. Hahaha. Well, there’s always a first time for everything. You never know if you don’t try.

Next, I shall be giving away 2 sets of pregnancy books on my Mothering Times blog. They are from the “What To Expect When You’re Expecting” series of books. 3 books in a set. Lovely! I have the books in my own collection and really don’t need them to do a review but agreed to let them ship the books to me so that I can see how long it takes to arrive and whether it does arrive in the first place, sort of a check to make sure everything is okay before organizing another giveaway. I’m so excited about it. I love contests! Did I tell you I am a Contest Queen? πŸ˜‰

By the way, the winner for the Hot Wheels Walls Starter Track Giveaway has been announced. Want to know who won? Just hop over to my Parenting Times Blog.

Contest Queen says: “How exciting it is to be able to write a congratulatory letter to the winner. I’m going off now to write it.”

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