What To Do If Maid Goes Back For Holiday And What To Do If She Does Not Return

Recently my Indonesian maid went back for a holiday. Before she went back for a holiday, she informed us that her father would like her to return for good. However, she expressed a desire to continue working so she persuaded her father over the phone and her father agreed. Now, we knew that there are many things that are beyond control like family wishes for instance. Sometimes, it is not the father but the spouse’s wishes. So what do we do?

What To Do If Maid Goes Back For Holiday During Mid Term?

If your maid goes back for a holiday during mid term, it is easy, just purchase a return air ticket for her and make sure she applies for a KTKLN card when she returns. You will also need to prepare a surat cuti to show that you are the employer and she will be returning to work for you. The KTKLN card or the Kartu Tenaga Kerja Luar Negeri is required for maids returning to Malaysia to work.

What To Do If Maid Goes Back For Holiday At  The End Of Her Term

This is what happened to us. The process is much more complicated. We had to

  • buy maid insurance to renew her passport
  • renew maid’s passport at the Indonesian Embassy to cover her work permit period
  • renew maid’s work permit at the Immigration Office
  • purchase a return air ticket for her
  • write a surat cuti as proof of employment and to show that she is going back for a holiday
  • give her the above documents plus a copy of her employment contract to facilitate her application for a KTKLN card

We did all of the above knowing that there is a risk that our maid may not return. We told her that we knew there is a chance she will not be able to come back but we will do all these things despite that fact so that the door of opportunity to return will not  be shut but it is okay if she needs to stay back because her family prefers her to do so. We decided to take this risk and pay for all the above expenses despite knowing that she will not come back because we knew that she wanted to continue working. We trusted her but the expenses for that trust is high!

What To Do If Maid Does Not Return From Holiday

In addition to all of the expenses for the above to renew my maid’s work permit plus the time involved in applying for all of the above, we were also aware that if she did not return,

  • we had to make a police report
  • we had to go to the Immigration to fill in a form and pay RM250

The immigration officer informed us that this was necessary because if a maid whose permit has been renewed does not return, you are still responsible for her as an employer.

What To Do If Maid Is Going Back For Good

The immigration officer informed us that if your maid is going back for good, you have to fill a form – a check out memo and show a one way ticket not more than one month of filling out the check out memo.

We took the risk. We sent our maid back for a  holiday knowing that there is a chance she may not return. We are very glad that she did return. In fact, she came back from her one month holiday, fresh and with a new hairstyle and other new bags and clothing. According to her the KTKLN card is easy to apply for. It only took her 30 minutes. She says she has a choice of paying for one year, two, three or four years. Once she has the card, it was easy for her to return, she only had to show the KTKLN card and her passport.

When renewing her passport, the officer at the embassy had shown us a list of addresses where the KTKLN card can be applied for. She went to the one nearest to her hometown. She says the KTKLN card can also be applied at the airport for those who didn’t do so before hand. Some maids were stopped because they did not have one. Before going back home, I had photocopied the following documents for her to apply for her KTKLN card so it was easy according to her.

Documents Required To Apply For KTKLN Card For Maid

The KTKLN card can only be applied by the maid in Indonesia. It cannot be done here, in Malaysia. I photocopied the following documents for my maid.

  • Maid Insurance
  • Return Air Ticket
  • Surat Cuti
  • Kontrak Kerja (Employment Contract)
  • Her Passport 1st, 2nd and last page (with details of new work permit on it)

That was it. Not difficult but maid has to be informed and reminded to do it.

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23 Responses to 'What To Do If Maid Goes Back For Holiday And What To Do If She Does Not Return'

  1. rama - August 9th, 2012 at 7:07 pm


    Your post is very information. My maid is in her third year, with passport and visa expiring next March, 2013. I am sending her back for 2 weeks holidays mid Aug 2012. Is this considered end of term or mid of term?

    By end of term, I mean end of working permit period. Is your maid’s work permit ending anytime soon?

  2. rama - August 9th, 2012 at 9:39 pm


    No, this is her third year, starting March 2012 and expiring March 2013, which means there are 8 months left – so we are in the mid of term, am I right?
    Also, I want to ask you, will I be needing the contract from the embassy (ayoooo!!) or is my existing contract (for the third year, signed this March 2012) sufficient for her to apply for the KTKLN back in indonesia?

    Looks like it is mid-term. Your existing contract is good enough. However, if you have not purchased maid insurance for your maid (it was not compulsory before for renewing passport but it is now so you may not have purchased it earlier), you will need to purchase maid insurance and give her a copy of that too. Either that or she will need to purchase from her end when she does her KTKLN card.

  3. rama - August 12th, 2012 at 5:49 pm

    Thanks a lot for the information!!

  4. Dean - August 18th, 2012 at 10:04 pm

    Thanks for posting up the information about KTKLN. My maid is into her 5th year and she will be returning to Indonesia end of September for her one month holiday and thus, need to do her KTKLN card.. I have two questions which I hope you can help me answer. First, her employment contract is expired (signed on 5th of May, 2011) and I was wondering what I should do if I want to renew it on my own without the agent). Secondly, her first two employment contracts lasted for two years (5th May 2007-2009, then 5th May 2009-2011- renewed on my own) and why now only one year (5th May 2011-2012-renewed by an agent). Your help and advice is deeply appreciated.

    Hello Dean, I think you should ask your agent that question. When I renewed my maid’s passport at the Embassy, I am required to complete a pre-printed contract in triplicate. The number of years if left blank, so it is up to us, the employer and the maid, to agree on the period and fill in the number of years on the given contract before signing.

  5. Sya - October 4th, 2012 at 11:32 am

    Hi there,

    Thanx a lot for sharing your knowledge and experience in dealing with the maid matters. My maid’s permit will expire middle of December this year and her passport is due in July next year. She has agreed to continue working with us at a pay of RM650 plus an overnight leave once a month starting from next year. Currently we are paying her RM550 a month. She’s going back for a month holiday next month.

    Just wondering, i need to renew her passport first then only i can proceed with the permit renewal.
    1. Do they accept insurance that we get from the post office or do we need to get insurance from the embassy only?
    2. On the contract thingy, i’ve downloaded the contact template from the embassy website which already stated that we MUST pay them at least RM700 a month, work of not more than 10 hours a day, etc2..But i notice somebody has put a link at the comment area on your post regarding the maid’s renewal a contract of which we will fill the salary n etc. Just wondering do the embassy accept them? or we still need to use their template?

    Sorry for the lengthy post. Would appreciate so much your time to read and respond. Thanx in advance.

    Hello Sya, 1. Yes, I used the insurance from the post office. 2) The last time I checked, the contract you find on that template is very different from the one they give you at the embassy to fill in, so use the one from the Embassy, not the online one but the one you get physically when you are there. The online template appears to have a lot of terms in there in favor of the maid, I think. However, at the Embassy, they will announce a salary of RM700 and your maid may be asked whether she is being paid that amount. Sorry, I do not know whether they will approve the contract if you state a salary lower than that. I hope this helps a little.

  6. roy - October 8th, 2012 at 8:56 pm

    Thanks for the wonderful info i.e. maid matters.My questionis: i wish to employ a maid in Dec 2012/Jan 2013 who is currently being employed by another family. She finishes her contract on 19 Oct will be returning to Indonesia on 20 Oct for 2-3 months.Whats the minimum time frame she has to be in Indonesia before she can return to Malaysia?Whats the procedure involved as i plan to bring her on my own and not going through the agents.She will be my 2nd maid as the 1st maid is with my mother.

    Hello Roy, I’m sorry I can’t be of any help. I’m not an agent and have not had any experience hiring maid without agent.

  7. Bagavathi - October 9th, 2012 at 1:49 pm

    Help!!! My maid’s permit expires in late feb 2013 and passport in 2014. She’s going back to Indonesia fro a three week holiday in late Nov 2012 and will be back in Mid Dec 2012. do i have to renew her permit first before she leaves. Do I have to buy insurance. Please furnish me with the necessary info.. Thank you..

    Hello Bagavathi, I think it is best for you to call up the Immigration office to check. Since, her passport and permit has not expired, it doesn’t look like you have to but it is always better to check with the Immigration office directly. However, when you maid goes back to Indonesia, she will need to apply for a KTKLN card in order to return to Malaysia. She will need insurance, contract of employment, surat cuti, etc to apply for the card as mentioned in my post.

  8. Bagavathi - October 24th, 2012 at 11:44 am

    Thank you very much. Your information has helped me a lot.

  9. Azhar - October 31st, 2012 at 4:37 pm

    Do you have a sample of the ‘surat cuti’ that I can *copy* ?? My maid is going back soon.
    Thank you.

    Hello Azhar, I only have a sample of letter of authorization for spouse to renew maid’s passport on another post on my blog. I can however direct you to a sample of surat cuti from another blogger. Note that the sample is not part of the blog post. You will have to scroll down the comments to view it ok? Hope this helps.

  10. Azhar - November 2nd, 2012 at 9:34 am

    Hi Mum,

    That looks good enough. Thank you again.


  11. meishi - November 27th, 2012 at 10:26 pm

    Thanks MG for the very useful info including the link for surat cuti sample. Much appreciated.


  12. Noor - December 20th, 2012 at 6:56 pm

    Hi, I heard that before the maid returns to Indonesia for her holiday, we need to have a contract done at the Indonesian embassy? Is this the same as the one we get when renewing the passport?
    Another question, I bought a maid insurance from the post office, but I also heard that we need to get the Indonesian Insurance as well which costs more about RM108-RM130. Is this true? And this Indonesia Insurance is needed before we can sign the contract?

    Hello Noor, I did not have to do another contract for my maid when she returned for her holiday. The existing contract which we did at the Embassy when renewing the passport was good enough. My maid had to pay a fee to get a KTKLN card done before she returned here. I am not sure whether it was for insurance.

  13. Santhi - December 24th, 2012 at 12:22 pm

    Your site is super informative. Great job and thank you for taking the trouble to do so. My in law’s maid is going for a month long holiday. I didnt know that I need to obtain kontrak kerja from the embassy. What are the documents needed? Do I have to bring a bank passbook? She has sent almost all her salary home but my in law’s didnt keep the paperwork. Will that be questioned? Thank you.

    Hello Santhi, as I mentioned in my post, your maid will need the following documents to apply for her KTKLN card. So far, I have not heard of the bank passbook being checked. You can obtain the kontrak kerja when you renew her passport at the Embassy.

    Maid Insurance
    Return Air Ticket
    Surat Cuti
    Kontrak Kerja (Employment Contract)
    Her Passport 1st, 2nd and last page (with details of new work permit on it)

  14. ricky moan - January 1st, 2013 at 1:23 pm

    Hi,may i know if i apply for her KTKLN card at Embassy of Indonesia Kuala Lumpur then how many day/s can get it done? Could finish within one day? This KTKLN card is it apply at this Embassy of Indonesia? and her passport expiry on 24 August 2013, then the visit pass(temporary employment)does not remain in west malaysia longer than 27 July 2013. she intended to go back for holiday in period of one month before chinese new year back to work.

    The KTKLN card can only be applied by your maid in Indonesia. You can’t apply for it at the Indonesia embassy here.

  15. ricky moan - January 1st, 2013 at 7:04 pm

    Hi,thank you for your site for fast responding and informative. Regarding the KTKLN card if my maid went back to indonesia(KUPANG) then where could she be able to apply for this card? Is it at Embassy or other department branches at KUPANG because she is staying in KUPANG now. KUPANG have any department to issue this KTKLN card?

    Hello Ricky. Yes, your maid can apply for her KTKLN card in Kupang. My maid was from Kupang too. No, it is not at the Embassy. You can call up the Indonesian Embassy for the address and contact number of the place where you can apply for the KTKLN card in Kupang. According to my maid, you can also apply for the card at the Jakarta airport. She saw some maids applying for theirs there. She applied for hers at Kupang, though. I’m sorry I don’t have the Kupang address and contact number for the office where your maid can apply for the card and my maid is no longer with us so I can’t find out for you but I remember the Indonesian Embassy gave us the address and contact number so they should have it.

  16. Andrew Dass - February 15th, 2013 at 3:08 pm

    Hi, Do you know how much your maid need to pay for the KTKLN (1,2,3 or 4 years)? BTW, thank you so much for this valuable piece of information. Really helpful!

    Hello Andrew, I am sorry. My maid is no longer with me now and I can’t remember how much she paid for it.

  17. rebecca teh - February 28th, 2013 at 11:07 am

    Hi, this year is 4th year for my maid, she wants go back for 1 month holiday. Just wonther where to get an employment contract? Thank you.

    You can get one from the Indonesian Embassy

  18. Jenny Wong - March 4th, 2013 at 12:24 pm

    Hi, I wonder whether my maid has any problem returning to Malaysia to continue to work with this arrangement. My maid wants to go back to Indonesia for one month holiday whereby she is not sure which day to return to malaysia. As such my maid ask me to buy her only one way ticket back home and when she return she will buy her own return ticket in Indonesia back to Malaysia. It is ok to do like this and will she has problem when returning?
    Thank you. Hope to receive your reply as soon as possible.

  19. Mark - March 4th, 2013 at 12:35 pm

    My maid intends to go back for a 1 month holiday. My agent says becos she came in on a social visit pass that was converted to a Work Permit she will have difficulty to get a KTKLN as the Embassy in KL will not endorse as she did not come in thru calling visa. Do you know if this is the case?

    Hello Mark, I am sorry, I don’t know whether that is true. What I know is, the Embassy in KL does not issue the KTKLN card. Your maid will have to apply for it in Indonesia.

  20. Hon - March 4th, 2013 at 1:59 pm

    My maid will be in her 5th year this May. We had renewed her passport on 11 sept 2012 and also apply for a work contract. Unfortunately we are given only one year validity. We had bought insurance for 2 years valid from 11/9/2012 – 10/9/2014. She will be going back for 1 month holidays from 1/8/2013 – 30/8/2013. Her present pay is now Rm1000.00
    Is it necessary we renew her work contract before she leaves (only 11 days validity on 30/8/13). If it is necessary to renew work permit, can fill 3 or 4 yrs contract. Is it necessary to renew another 2 years insurance if we want to prolong the work permit. At present the insurance got another validity. Do you think the embassy will renew the work contract by continuing the going to expire date or giving new date on date of application. Otherwise we need to renew only at last miniute.

    Thank you.

    Hi, First I want to clarify that I am just a blogger with a maid who has left. I do not represent any maid agency so for accurate information, it is best you check with the relevant authorities, Embassy, Immigration etc. However, I’ll try my best to help. Does your maid have a valid KTKLN card? She will require one to enter the country. To apply for one, she will need insurance, a valid work permit, a contract of employment etc. She will also need to have a valid working permit for entry into the country. You may need to renew her working permit to show more than just 11 days, I think. If your maid does not have a KTKLN card, then you will need to renew the insurance so that she can apply when she goes home for a holiday. When you renew your contract at the Embassy, you are given a contract form where you can fill in the date of validity and expiry. That is all I know. I hope that helps. Please check with the relevant agencies. The people at Immigration are quite helpful. You can call them up and tell them your situation and they may be able to advise you.

  21. Azrul - March 6th, 2013 at 8:52 am

    Hi Rebecca

    I have a copy of the employment contract. Msg me thanks

  22. SK - April 16th, 2013 at 4:13 pm

    Hi! My maid’s work permit is till Jan14 but she wants to go back for 2 weeks break end of May. My agent told me I need to bring her to the indon embassy in kl to get some paperwork done first ( he did not clarify what exactly?) and she will need to get the KTKLN card done in indonesia to come back after her break. He quoted an approximate sum of RM 500 for that and it is a single entry pass meaning each time she goes back to Indonesia for holiday and wants to comes back, she’ll need to reapply. Can anyone verify this? It sounds like an exorbitant sum and very troublesome. Thank you.

    As far as I know the KTKLN card need to be applied once only. Your maid must apply for it back home. It cannot be done here. Depending on how long a period she chooses for her card from 1 to more years, she can reuse the card to reenter the country each time. Sorry, I can’t remember how much my maid paid for her card and she is no longer with us now. Your maid may also be required to buy or show insurance bought by employer on her behalf. Perhaps that is the paperwork your agent is referring to. It is best you get your agent to give you a detailed breakdown of the fees. After all you are paying for it, so it is a fair request, so that you know what you are paying for.

  23. Joey - April 21st, 2013 at 12:59 pm

    Hi. My maid is returning for a holiday in early May 2013 for 1 month. Her permit expiring July 29, 2013.

    1. Does this considered as mid term? And only relevant docs as stated in your post under mid term are sufficient?
    2. I can’t recall that i still keep a copy of the employment contract as i submitted it to the immigration department in Aug 2011. How do i get a fresh copy of the kontrak kerja? Is it through Indonesia Embassy or the one publish in Malaysia immigration website?

    Appreciate your advise. Thanks in advance

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