I’ve been very very busy writing on Squidoo recently. So busy that I had no time to update my blogs. Anyway, I just completed 11 Halloween Lenses on Squidoo for a quest. After that I wrote 3 more since I was on a roll but its time to take a breather and have some fun. As if with perfect timing, I discovered Polyvore on Pinterest.

Wow, its really fun. You get to pull together outfits by mixing and matching them. Then if you like your outfit, you can go shopping online. How smart. Its like playing paper dolls. Only this is cyber paper dolls for big girls.

So, how do you like the look I’ve pulled together? Wow, look at the price of the clothing below. My look costs a lot! I guess if I want to get this look, I have to hunt at the bargain stores for cheaper alternatives instead.





My Fashion Set

Crochet dress
125 MYR – allyfashion.com

Missoni knit top
2,310 MYR – stylebop.com

Burberry boots
2,965 MYR – burberry.com

Hermès handbag

Yellow gold jewelry
155 MYR – 80spurple.com

Kate spade
400 MYR – southmoonunder.com

The Row dress
2,000 MYR – colette.fr

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