Today, I called dad to listen to his voice.

Today, I called 2nd sister to brainstorm about dad’s low heart rate and whether it is advisable for him to have a pace maker as the doctor scheduled.

Today, I called eldest sister because she needs someone to listen to her talk about her breast cancer treatment options and the difficulties in making a decision.

Today, I reminisced with a friend about our old school days.

Today, I cleared some filing and did a small errant (if you can call it that) for hubby so he will have one less thing to do.

Today, I shall sit and revise with the kids for their year end final test.

Today, I updated a few of my squidoo lenses because I didn’t have time to write a new one since I set out to do the above today.

Then, I sat down and treated myself to this.

Today, I am contented.

Sometimes it is necessary to set time aside to show those you love that you care.

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