Flower Hair ClipOur hair is our crowning glory so for a woman to have to lose her hair is a big thing.

Someone I know may have to lose her hair because of chemotherapy. What’s the big deal? Some may say. Your life is more important. Beauty is secondary. When you are faced with a life or death situation, physical appearance should not even have entered your mind. Why be so vain? Perhaps some may have these thoughts.

Then there are stories, always positive stories of brave women with breast cancer or those who do not, who shave their heads for the cause. It makes you feel almost ashamed to be so vain ¬†about your own appearance. However, it does matter. It matters a lot. It matters to have to lose your crowning glory, even if it is just temporary. “Your hair will grow back. It’s only for a while. Don’t worry.” the patient is often told.

Yesterday, we went shopping for wigs, not intentionally, the wig shop just happened to be there. I haven’t been to a wig shop before so it was a new thing to me. I am surprised that the wigs these days are rather beautiful, even though made of synthetic material. They look natural, like real hair. A wig we liked cost RM159. The shop assistant said it would cost about RM600 if it were made out of real hair. Well, the synthetic one looked good enough. When put on, you won’t even know one is wearing a wig.

I am glad there are options like that now. I am glad we managed to go to a wig shop to try on and decided on a wig. Maybe now, her decision on whether to go for chemotherapy will be made easier. Of course, one does not decide whether to go for therapy based on how bad it will one look but it will be made easier, hopefully. Not everyone will look beautiful bald like some models who go bald for the cause and makes it look so simple to be brave and unafraid. We are talking about one’s crowing glory after all.

On a side note, I bought some flowers for my hair. I like flowers on the hair. It is so feminine and sweet. They will look great compared to the usual half pony tail, half bun I usually wear.

Well, I was out most of the morning yesterday, so its back to work today. Today, I intend to update 2 more blogs, write a sponsored post, update about 7 Squidoo lenses and finish off 2 new Squidoo lenses. Wow, such a lot of writing I set out to do. Will I meet my own deadline? I think I will.

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