My maid went on home leave in July for 3 weeks. She did return after her home leave and continued to work for another 3 months. Then one night about a month ago, her family called to inform her that her father had passed away. We immediately arranged for her to return home. She said she may need about 3 weeks leave. We cried with her, hugged her and asked her to take the time to settle everything that she needed to. We also told her to let us know as soon as she got back so we won’t be worried.

She didn’t do so. 3 weeks later we messaged her but there was no reply. We messaged again to ask what was happening and finally her family replied to inform us that she was sick and they needed to send her to hospital but they had no money. When we asked what was wrong with her, they suddenly turned around and said that she had used up all her money for her father’s funeral and had no money to return.

Sigh. I am not sure what to think. It does appear that she will not be returning after her home leave this time. She still has some belongings here. I guess she does not want them anymore. Perhaps her family wants her to get married and settle down. The last trip when she returned on home leave, she was bethrothed in an arranged engagement.

My maid has worked for us for 4 years. During that time, she has been a good maid. I won’t be getting another maid as I think, I probably can’t find one that can meet her standards. Also, the kids are older one and it is time they learned to help around the house more. I just feel sad that she had to leave this way. After 4 years, it would have been so much better to part with good words and wishes and a gift for keepsakes for her. Now, she has left just like that with no news and without speaking to us or as much as an sms. Sigh.

I still don’t know what happened apart from those few sms. I guess we have to just wait a while first before we have to make a police report and proceed to cancel the work permit and be fined for it, as if it was our fault. Strange ruling this. I have been really busy the last month adjusting to the changes in our routine. I guess there will be no more maid blog posts from me but rather more how to survive without a maid articles instead.

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