Every time the year end long school holidays come and go, I lose my momentum and interest to write. Usually we don’t go anywhere during the holidays but I find it hard to write anything with the children at home. Usually I spend the time teaching, reading and playing with them instead. Then by the time the holidays are over, I have forgotten how to write. lol.

This time, the domestic helper left us, so that made it worst because I had a lot of housework to do in addition to watching the kids. I find that with housework, the term “Just Do It!” helps. Procrastination is a no-no. Otherwise work ┬ápiles up. It is easier to maintain a clean house than to clean up a dirty house. However, that keeps me busy all day long.

I guess I should apply the same principal to writing. “Just Do It”. At the moment the words are locked in my brain and won’t come out. I’ve got to just start writing and then it will come back to me. With writing the more I write, the more things I have to write about. So I shall just write and see what happens.

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