This year I’m even more rushed then before. Weekends is no different. Going out of the house is always in a rush. Quite often, I’ll leave the house with hair unkempt and uncombed and I’ll step into my half worn shoes while locking the door before tip toeing to the car with my half worn shoes like a mad lady.

Makeup is almost always done in the car so that by the time I step out of the car, hopefully,  I look like a different person from the unkempt one which got into the car.

Weekdays are spent playing maid and housewife with lots of cleaning to be done. There is no time to stop because once I do, things pile up and become unmanageable so I just do it promptly without procrastination. Afternoons are spent as tuition teacher to the kids and helping them with their homework before I prepare dinner. Then it’s dinner, rush to wash the dishes, rush to clean the stove and sink and throw out the rubbish and rush to shower before rushing to the kids and myself to sleep otherwise we won’t be able to get up at 5.30am the next day.

Weekends are spent playing foreign worker as I try to rid my house of those pesky termites and repairing the damage parquet flooring. It’s so hot these days too. Most of the time I find myself sweating profusely and smelling like the worker that I am.

Then I got sick but I’ve got to rush to get well, that means plenty of water, vitamin C, warm lemon and honey drink and catching up with sleep. Fortunately I got well or am getting well quick for more rushing to come.

Chinese New Year is coming and that means more rushing too, spring cleaning the house, buying new clothes for the kids and they want to decorate. Oh help, I even have to rush to write this or there will be no time to write anything at all. Gosh! It’s late. I’m out of here.

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