As a blogger, I constantly want to move photos from my phone to computer quickly and easily for free of course. So, I’m delighted to find BUMP. BUMP used to allow easy sharing of photos between phones by bumping your phones together but now you can bump your photos to your computer. Marvelous technology!

I used to transfer photos from my phone to pc by emailing them to my gmail and then dragging the photos to my desktop. I thought that was easy. Now, with bump, all I have to do is select the photos, open up the BUMP page on my browser, select the photos I want and bump my phone to my spacebar and tadaa! like magic, my photos appear on the browser which I then drag onto my desktop. Whoa! I love it!

Ok, let’s have a go. Here is How To Bump Your Photos From Your Phone To Your Computer.

First, I have to open up the BUMP page on my browser. Then I select the photo or file from my phone and bump my phone on the spacebar. The photo appears on my browser, I drag it on my desktop and then I drag it here. Fantastic! I did have some issues though. The application stopped working momentarily but I’m not giving up on it because it is so easy to use and its free.

Can you guess where the picture is from? It is the Pavillion Shopping Complex ladies restroom in Parkson.

You can download BUMP for your Android from Google Play Store or download BUMP for your iPhone, iPod or iPad from the itunes App Store.

I haven’t tried it on my iPad yet. At the moment I am using Simple Photo & Video Transfer free version to transfer my photos from iPad to Computer. ┬áThere’s also the more popular Photo Transfer App but I’m not using that because it is not free. The free version of the other photo transfer app is good enough for me because I can transfer 50 photos at a time in zip format. That is sufficient for my needs.


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