Woman Doing Laundry CartoonThe rainy season is here. Most days it rains in the late evening, sometimes we have thunderstorms and lots of trees are being uprooted.

I like the rain but the problem is I think the termites that share my house likes it too! Oh well, I hope the termite bait that I have set up will work. I have taken some pictures of how we put up our own DIY termite bait but just haven’t got the time to post it up yet.

With the rain also comes leaks. The roof leaks seem to be always on the move. Sometimes it moves to the front of the house, sometimes the back etc. Sigh. Roof leaks is one of the worse problems to resolve next to termites.

Then there are the telephone wires. When the rain hits my wires, it gets them wet somehow and then my phone starts to beep non-stop.

Termites, Roof Leaks and Phone Beeps. I have enough work to do around the house. I certainly don’t need you.

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