When you have to make breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner for 3-4 persons daily, it can be rather tiresome and you run out of ideas. I remember when I was a child, both lunch and dinner used to be rice with around 2-3 dishes. I can’t manage it. So I resort to one dish meals for lunch because I’m cooking for just me and the kids. I find that it reduces my workload a little. 🙂

So we have Fried Rice as our One Dish Meal on Monday.

Fried Rice

On Tuesday, we have the one dish Yee Mee Noodle Soup.

Yee Mee Noodle Soup

One Wednesday, it is Sandwiches.


On Thursday I cook our one pot Chicken Rice. It is very easy to cook. I will share my secret lazy cook’s Chicken Rice soon.

Chicken Rice

On Friday, we have Pasta.


The kitchen is close for the weekend, soon its Monday again and we have porridge. We can have fish porridge, meat porridge or any kind of porridge. Our favorite is salmon porridge.

Salmon Fish Porridge

On Tuesday, we have Pan Mee Dry Noodle with meat balls.

Pan Mee

On Wednesday, we have spaghetti.


On Thursday we have dry wantan mee noodles with minced beef.

Dry Wanton Noodles With Minced Beef

On Friday we have Yam Rice.

Yam Rice

Soon its Monday again and we have Fried Yellow Noodles with Fish Cake.

Fried Yellow Noodles With Fish Cake

And the list goes on. We have all sorts and manners of one dish meals or one pot meals in the form of rice, porridge, noodles dry or soupy, mee hoon, vermicelli,mee etc etc. So many combinations. We can have a different one dish meal each day for a month but usually we stick to a few staple favourites.

The best part is, the kids still get to eat home cooked meals and my job as a SAHM is made easier. 🙂

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