Malaysia Primary School Parents On Facebook

Recently I started a group called Malaysia Primary School Parents On Facebook. I’m really happy with the group because I find it really useful to share and talk about the issues that we all face as Primary School Parents.

Anyone can start a group on Facebook. However one thing I find about Facebook groups is maintaining it. Naturally you want the group to be an involved group and you want it to be useful for everyone, not just you. That is a hard balance to strike. You see, in order to get more discussion and activity going, sometimes you have to start the discussion or keep it flowing or post interesting stuff for your group members BUT all the time at the back of my mind is the constant reminder that the group is not about you.

Now, if you wanted to have something all about you, that’s easy too. All you need to do is go and open a fan page and ask everyone to like it. A facebook group is not about you. You want to keep it happy and alive but it is not about you. That is the balance that has to be struck.

Just my random thoughts on a hot afternoon. I hope that all the members of the Malaysia Primary School Parents group finds it useful. I’m really happy that the members are discussing freely now. If you know me well enough, you will know that sometimes I disappear from FB and online for several weeks or months. That usually happens during the school holidays. We don’t usually go anywhere but I will be very tied up with the kids home 24/7. So, I’m glad that the group is now running on its own. 😛

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