5 Types Of Blog Posts And How To Write Them

5 Types Of Blog Posts And How To Write Them

This post isn’t a technical post about the how tos of blogging including SEO and all those technical jargon. Instead, it is a personal post written from the heart and from the experience of a blogger who has been blogging for 10 years.

I have been blogging since 2004. At the moment I write and maintain 5 blogs regularly. They include this blog which focus on me and the things I like to do including online writing, a parenting blog, a blog just for mothers, a health blog and a quotes blog. After writing for some years, I find that I basically write 5 different kinds of blogs. They are:

1. A Personal Blog Post

This was the first type of blog post I started writing. If you are writing a personal blog post, you can write things which are a little bit more personal. You can limit your readers to only those close to you if you like or just yourself. It depends on the individual. Some like to post lots of photographs which is really a nice thing if you don’t mind sharing. Readers love photos. However, I like my anonymity.

Can you remain anonymous and still write a personal post? Yes, you can. I have been doing it for 10 years. I write posts that are personal yet not too revealing. It is okay to be personal without being too personal on your blog posts. You will still get your readers and followers if you remain true to yourself and keep your writing voice genuine. Instead of using personal photos, you can still include photos to make your posts interesting. Post photos of objects and scenes instead.

2. Instructional Blog Posts Or How Tos

I enjoy making crafts with my children. So I find writing how tos or instructional blog posts a natural progression from my personal yet not too personal blog posts. They are a nice way to record and keep our crafting moments in a digital format for keepsakes.

When you write these types of blog posts, you  must remember to include lots of photos and step by step instructions to make it easier for your readers. I have written many instructional blog posts like this and this.

3. Curations

After blogging for some time, I started writing curations. Whenever I write a curated blog post, I always put myself in the shoes of the person searching for information. What is this person looking for and how can my blog post make a difference. Then I try to include everything that will help this person who is doing an online search find all the things that they want to know about that subject on a single page. This is the most important factor of all. You have to be an expert curator in order to write such a post so that your post makes a difference to that person instead of being a mere copy of a search engine.

When writing this type of blog post, remember to include relevant links, videos, photos and always seek permission for use of photos.  Here is an example of one of my top posts on my parenting blog. It is a curated post of  Homemade Teacher’s Day Gift Ideas. Some of the ideas are my own while some others are from my FB friends. I sought the permission from all of them to post their ideas on this post.

4. Reviews Or “Selling” Posts

At one time, paid posts were very popular and many companies looked for bloggers to link to their products, services and websites. It is not so popular now but this is just another way of writing. Sometimes, you may write a paid or sponsored posts while at other times, you may write to sell, for example if you are an affiliate marketer.

For example, I am a participant in the Amazon Associates Program. So from time to time, I do write posts to “sell”. This is an example of my review type or marketing oriented post: 10 Cute Dollhouses For Girls. In a way, this is a curation type of post too.

Photos and descriptions are very important. However, do note that the behavior of someone who is searching the internet for information is different from someone who is searching the internet to buy something online. The person searching to buy something may be more interested in photos of the product and will not have time to read lengthy reviews so keep it short while providing the necessary information they need. Photos and videos are helpful. Just put yourself in the shoes of the person searching for information and think of what YOU would like to see and read in the blog post. That is the best SEO advice anyone can get. You don’t need to know what SEO is or how to do it if you just prefer to write. You will get your traffic just by putting yourself in the shoes of the person searching for information.

5. Articles

Finally, you can write articles of any subject you feel you have the confidence tBlogging Tipso share in. I like to write a lot of parenting articles that change over time. I used to write breastfeeding articles, now I write about kids education in grade school. You can write about your gardening projects or your pets, it is up to you or something more technical.

I consider this post an article type of post. Articles MUST be genuine and not copied from somewhere else. Do not copy and paste or spin articles from somewhere else on the web.

Extra Tips On Writing Blog Posts That Get Read

  1. Keep your blog content fresh, relevant and up to date
  2. After writing your post, create a “cover” for your blog post, then pin your image to invite people to come to read it. Writing blog posts isn’t only about writing. Think of it as creating a magazine with a nice layout that calls out to the reader to read.
  3. Share your blog posts on social media, FB, Google Plus, Twitter etc.


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