Assistance Wherever You Need It

There has been a tremendous increase in the number of devices designed to make living at home safer and easier for seniors. Just because you need some of these devices, doesn’t mean that you are homebound. There are devices available that can be packed up and taken whenever you want to travel.

Assistance when traveling

Grandparents may need to travel a distance to visit their grandchildren. The guest room at their child’s home or the hotel where they stay during their visit will probably not have some of the assistance devices they are accustomed to using at home. That’s where portable, easy to assemble devices such as a bed assist handle can be quite helpful. A folding bed rail with organizer can also make life easier when traveling.

Combining households

Sometimes, the best option for a senior is to move in with their adult child. Chances are, their house is not designed to accommodate the needs a senior might have. An easy to install security pole with grab bar is just one of the items that can be helpful, yet unobtrusive to others. 

There’s no reason to struggle through daily activities when there are devices available that can make those activities easier. These devices can reduce the risk of falls and make getting in and out of a chair or bed less strenuous. With the numerous portable personal assistance tools available, you don’t have to miss out on travel opportunities.

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