Can Adults Learn Music?

Why of course! You can learn anything at any stage in your life. What more, the internet is full of free learning resources. It is up to you to find it and use it!

I am an adult learner of music. I started to learn the piano at age 41 for the first time. I wanted to learn the piano very much when I was a child but we could not afford one. A piano is a very expensive piece of instrument. Finally, my father bought me an electronic organ on a monthly installment basis and sent me off for organ lessons instead.

It was cheaper, but to me, it was not the same. I wanted to learn the piano!

Teach Yourself VISUALLY Piano is the first book I used for teaching myself to learn the piano for the first time as an adult.

It has always been my dream to learn the piano

I wanted to learn the piano since I was a child.

My dream to play the piano came true!

It was my spouse who made my dream come true. In the year 2007, he surprised me with something I wanted all my life. A piano! Then the next day he took me to the bookstore and bought me a “Learn to play the Piano on Your Own Book.” Then he signed me up for piano lessons! The lessons were for once a week.

Whenever I had my piano lesson, he would watch the kids for the whole hour, take them to the park to play before coming to pick me up at the music school. That is the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me.

You can read my musical journey in more detail here in the Play Piano and Music Category on my Blog. I learned with a music teacher for a year and eventually even managed to perform at the school music concert together with my daughter. I don’t play extremely well but I know enough to play some soothing tunes on a recreational basis for relaxation and just for fun.

Pop Piano or Classical Piano?

As an adult piano learner, I decided that it was better for me to learn Pop Piano. I figured that it will be easier to learn than Classical Piano which was harder technically, or so I thought. That may not necessarily be true. As I said, anyone can learn anything at any age. Age is not a hindrance. Time is though. Make time, if you want to learn something seriously.

The Chord Wheel – The Ultimate Tool For All Musicians

Learning Chords is very useful for any musician.

Anyway, I wanted to play pop music because I enjoy that genre. So pop piano it was for me! I took up music lessons from a music school for 2 and 1/2 years.

I learned Music Theory Online On My Own

I had learned to play the organ as a child so I do know some basics on how to read some music notes and it helps of course. However I never took up Music theory seriously. I took practical organ Yamaha Electone examinations but that was it. I learned enough theory, that is to read music notes and some dynamics and rhythm, enough to play musical pieces, that is all.

When I started learning the piano in 2007, my music teacher asked me whether I wanted to learn some music theory. She said it would help me in my playing but I declined. I did not have the time for it, having two young kids to look after full time.

Learn Music Theory Online Free Resources

You can go to my Parenting Blog for resources for learning music theory online for free. You will understand Music Foreign Terms, learn musical dynamics and rhythm, scales, musical notes and symbols and more. You will learn to read and write music and base your musical learning on actual examination syllabuses etc. I compiled those resources for children but they are equally useful for the adult learning music for the first time. I hope you enjoy the free online music theory resources as I did.

Note: You can use those resources whether you are the learner or to assist your child in their music education.

It is never too late to learn!

It is never too late in life to learn music! Whether you are learning or your child is you will find the resources for learning music theory online useful.

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