Is your teen or preteen hankering you for a first smartphone? Don’t know what to buy?

What’s a good first smartphone for a teen? We decided that it would be The Samsung Galaxy J1

If you are wondering what is the price of the Samsung Galaxy J1 in Malaysia? The price is around RM500.

It has all the basic features of a first smartphone a teen needs. It also has the function of being able to take selfies with a palm gesture instead of hitting the button on the screen which is really a plus point for most teens. You can post any way you want with as many friends you want, hold up the phone and then put your palm out in a stop gesture in front of the phone and the camera automatically snaps a picture without you having to touch the screen physically. This means that you don’t need one of those extendable selfie monopods to take a group selfie. I think this feature alone wins the hearts of most teens and anyone else who likes to take selfies.

Apart from that you get internet access, whatsapp and more. Between Maxis plans and Digi prepaid plans, we chose Digi because we didn’t think our teen would require that much of talk time so we wanted something that would be able to last for a year. She does not have a data plan. Only wifi but that is good enough.

The Samsung Galaxy J1 Specifications

  • Dispsamsung-galaxy-j1-lay : 4.3″
  • CPU : Dual-Core 1.2GHz
  • Memory : 512MB RAM
  • Internal Storage : 4GB ROM
  • Memory Card Slot : up to 128GB
  • Camera : Rear 5MP; Front 2MP
  • Dual SIM

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