This is a DIY tutorial on How To Chang Your PC RAM Yourself with guided step by step pictures, DIY video and Important Tips when changing your PC’s RAM.

If you find that your computer is running very slowly, sometimes all it takes is to upgrade your PC’s RAM (Random Access Memory) to get it up to optimal performance again. You can easily upgrade your PC RAM yourself. A computer RAM can be purchased online or at your nearest computer shop. Kingston, Crucial and Samsung are some good brands you can buy online easily.

However, before you do that, there are a few basic steps you should know.

  1. First ask yourself: “How much RAM is my computer currently using?” To do this, find your My Computer icon on your desktop. Then right click and click on properties. You will be able to see your pc RAM listed.
  2. Next ask yourself: “What type of RAM is my computer using?” Is it DDR2 or DDR3. Don’t worry about the numbers if you are not computer savvy. To do this, check your computer’s brand and model number, then search the internet for the type of RAM your computer model is using or check the manufacturer’s website for your computer specifications.
  3. Find out what is the maximum RAM capacity for your computer. You can check your computer’s manual. Alternatively you can search for ‘scan RAM’ on the internet to find suitable free software by the manufacturers to scan your RAM capacity.
  4. Buy the correct RAM for your computer. Before you buy your RAM, it may be a good idea to open up your computer casing to have a look just to make sure you have free available slots to install extra RAM.
  5. Before you open up your computer’s casing, please make sure you turn off all the power supply and disconnect all the parts, speakers, keyboard etc. In addition, you should know how to get rid of static when you open up your computer to avoid any damage to your computer parts. It is a good idea to get an anti-static wristband.
  6. Open up your computer’s casing to check whether there are any more available free slots for your new RAM. You can see a picture of the computer’s RAM at the bottom of this page.
  7. You do not need any special tools to insert the RAM into the slots available on the motherboard. All you need to do is to push the RAMs into the free slots until it snaps into place. Do note that the pcRAMs must all face the same side so have a look at how the other rams are slotted in before you place your new ram.
  8. Close the casing when you have finished installing the RAM. Then click your computer’s icon, right click and click properties again. Your computer should now show the new upgraded RAM.

Inserting new RAM yourself is one way you can use to get your slow computer running faster. Why and how does increasing RAM improve performance? In a nutshell, if there is not enough RAM to load a program windows will have to allocate hard drive space to do so, this is the reason why performance is slowed down.

My Experience When Changing Our PC Ram

My computer was very slow and we tried everything including reformatting the whole pc and in the process losing my daughter’s story book which she had written because we forgot to save a copy of the file for her before reformatting. Eventually, we upgraded our pc RAM from 1GB to 2GB ourselves. I am happy that the speed and performance is very much better now after this simple upgrade.

Important Tip

Find out which type of RAM your PC is using before buying your RAM. One of the surest ways to check your PC’s RAM is to physically open up your computer and removing the RAM your computer is currently using to have a look. You can see DDR2 or DDR3 etc printed on your computer’s RAM. For your information it is hard to find DDR2 RAM being sold at physical shops as it is used for very old computers so you may have to find it online if you are still using DDR2 RAM.

DIY Video On How To Increase Your Computer’s RAM

Check out this DIY video on How To Increase Your Computer’s RAM yourself if you are not familiar on how to open up your computer and how your computer’s motherboard and RAM slots look like. This will give you a lot more confidence before you attempt to upgrade your computer’s RAM yourself.

Photo Gallery – Step By Step View Of How We Changed The PC Ram Ourselves


Remember to check your computer's RAM before deciding on whether to upgrade it to increase your computer's speed

Remember to check your computer’s RAM before deciding on whether to upgrade it to increase your computer’s speed

Change PC RAM 2

This is the computer RAM on the motherboard.

Change PC RAM 3

This is the correct way to hold the physical RAM before slotting into an available free slot on the motherboard

Change PC RAM 4

You don’t need any special tools to upgrade your RAM. All you need is a screwdriver. amazon

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