1. Educational Tool – I refer to it a lot to teach my kids. I use Google image search a lot to show my kids something they do not understand. A picture speaks volumes and they instantly get it.
  2. Dictionary -I refer to it as a multi-language dictionary and translator.
  3. Reminder – It is perfect as a reminder, an organizer and a notebook. I take pictures and make notes of everything.
  4. Calculator – I use it as a calculator and worksheet to make list and excel like files.
  5. Mobile Gaming – I play games on it with my kids and sometimes on my own. With the iPad, you don’t need another handheld console for your kids.
  6. Drawing Tablet – I draw and make motivational posters with my iPad. I love using the iPad for drawing.

    I Use My iPad To Draw And Create Graphics For My Online Writing

    Even an amateur can create sometime beautiful from free drawing apps. It is so easy.

  7. Portable TV – I watch my favorite movies via streaming video on it.
  8. eReader – I read my favorite magazines and books on my iPad. With the iPad, I don’t need another reading tablet.
  9. Recipe Book – I keep my favorite recipes in it and constantly find new ones I can easily refer to when cooking.
  10. Communication – I keep in touch with my friends on Facebook and other social media using my iPad.
  11. Camera – I take beautiful pictures and videos and share them easily. I like to add quotes and fun stuff to my pictures. It is easy to do that with an iPad and the free photo apps available. I also like to make my own Facebook covers using my iPad.
  12. Fingertip Surfing – I surf the internet regularly to find anything and everything with my iPad and I can surf on my couch or bed.
  13. Organizer – My iPad is my calendar, clock and alarm.
  14. Information – I catch up with the latest news on my iPad.
  15. Sharing – I use it to share and receive files online. This is great for work as well as for fun.
  16. Music – I can listen to music from my iPad when I work.
  17. Tracking – I use it to track my exercise and fitness routine. Although I surf the internet on the couch, I am at no risk of turning into a couch potato because I can use fitness apps on the iPad to keep me on my feet.
  18. Keeping In Touch – It is a perfect tool for video conferencing and keeping in touch with loved ones.
  19. GPS – It is my map and GPS when I need to find my way in an unfamiliar place. I particularly like the free waze app.
  20. Family Entertainment – It is my companion and my family entertainment center.

These are the 20 ways I use my iPad for. What about you?


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