If you have trouble looking for a romantic gift for her, read this post. You will find romantic gift ideas, romantic poems and romantic tips and where to buy those romantic gifts.
Top 10 Romantic Gifts for Her For Valentine’s Day

Women are naturally romantic. It is in their nature to be romantic. So, if you are looking for a gift for her for Valentine’s Day, the day of love and romance, do make it a Romantic Gift if you can. Don’t know what is romantic? That is okay. This lens will give you the Top 10 Romantic Gifts for Her for Valentine’s Day and other occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and just because.

Bears, Flowers and Chocolates are romantic but they are not unique. This lens will give you some unique romantic gift ideas besides bears, flowers and chocolates. Bears, Flowers and Chocolates are the sidekick or rather the bonus extras that come with the romantic gift to make it complete that is all. Don’t make them THE romantic gift. Try something new in addition to these old classic romantic gift ideas.

You can use any of these romantic gift ideas for her for Valentine’s Day or any other celebrations like her birthday or your wedding anniversary.

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Romantic Valentine’s Day Poem

I Wrote A Few Romantic Poems For This Post. They Are Free For Your Personal Use. A Link Back Would Be Appreciated If You Are Using It On Your Website

You will find a few Valentine’s Day Poem I wrote as you scroll down. Feel free to use them as a message to your loved one. As for websites using the poems, a linkback would be most appreciated.

Romantic Valentine’s Day Poem (asking a date to be your Valentine)
“My Love For You is Never Ending”

I’ll Be Thinking of You This Valentine

This morning I thought of you when I awoke

Images of you flashed through my mind all morning

The things you said, the way you smile

Just as it did, last night before I went to bed

I know I won’t be able to concentrate on anything today

As thoughts of you keep coming my way

And I know that I will be thinking of you

This coming Valentine’s and every other day

Will you be my Valentine dear?

This poem written by the author is free for your personal use.

“I Look Forward to Many More Years Together with You”
Romantic Poem For Those Who Are Apart Separated By Distance But Not In Heart

You Are Always In My Heart

Though we may be apart

You are always in my heart

There may be distance between us

But only in miles, never in thought

Happy Valentine’s Day Sweetheart

This poem written by the author is free for your personal use.

Romantic Valentine’s Day Verse For Spouses And Those Who Have Been Together For A Long Time 

We Belong Together

Ever since we met I knew in my heart

That you are the one for me for all eternity

Now that we are together I know in my heart

I was right. You are the one for me

I am happy to be with you since that first day

And forever more till the end of our days

We belong together dear and that makes me happy

Happy Valentine’s Day Darling

This poem written by the author is free for your personal use.

Top 1 Romantic Gift Idea for Her for Valentine’s Day – An Eternity Ring – The Most Romantic Gift of All

First, let me tell you What is an Eternity Ring and what makes it so romantic.

An eternity ring is a lady’s ring, worn on the hand, comprising a band of precious metal (usually gold) set with a continuous line of identically cut gemstones (usually diamonds) to symbolize never-ending love, usually given from a husband to his wife on the occasion of a significant anniversary.

The above excerpt was taken from Wikipedia. You can read more about Eternity Rings at Wikipedia.

It is the symbol of never-ending romantic. These days you can find many kinds of Eternity Rings in different settings of different kinds of precious metals and gems.

You can find eternity rings for different budgets too. (from as low as $10 and up). If you can’t afford gold and diamond ones, there is always Cubic Zirconia. Cubic Zirconia has a close visual likeness to diamond and is both low cost and durable. I am sure your girlfriend or spouse won’t complain. It is the thought that counts.

Take a look for yourself. Here are the Diamond Eternity Rings and here are the Cubic Zirconia Eternity Rings. What do you think? The visual likeness to diamonds is what makes Cubic Zirconia so sale-able.

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Tip: How to choose the right ring size when you are buying a ring as a gift for someone

So you want to buy a romantic ring for your girlfriend or wife but how do you choose the correct ring size without her suspecting anything?

I like some of the suggestions in this yahoo faq on How do you get a girls ring size without her suspecting anything?

Here is an online conversion chart for ring sizes while here is a printable ring size chart. You could print out the chart, then secretly sneak one of your girlfriend’s or wife’s rings and place it on the chart when she is not looking, tick the ring size and she won’t suspect a thing.

Top 2 Romantic Gift for Her For Valentine’s Day – A Musical Jewelry Box With Your Own Handpicked Jewelry Within As A Surprise Is A Romantic Gesture

A Romantic Jewelry Box especially a Victorian one or a unique jewelry box can be very romantic if you give it in style with a romantic surprise jewelry gift within. (A gift within a gift). You can include a romantic charm bracelet, a romantic eternity ring or a romantic heart shaped jewelry inside.

You could even hide a whole Crystal Classic Watch inside. Now that would certainly be a very rojewelry boxmantic surprise. (Important Tip: If you are dating a Chinese woman, never give a woman a watch on herbirthday. It would be telling her that her time on earth is up!)

Tell her that the box is for her to keep the many more romantic jewelry you will be giving her for your future years together. To a lady, what is romantic about that statement is not the idea of receiving many more jewelry from you but the thought that you are thinking of many more years together with her that counts. Now that is romantic!

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“I Give You My Heart. Handle it with care”

Top 3 Romantic Gift for Her For Valentine’s Day – A Romantic Infinity Heart Shaped Pendant Of Two Hearts Joined In An Infernite Loop Represents An Eterntiy Of Good Luck And Love

A romantic heart shaped pendant is another of my top picks for a romantic gift idea for her. There are many heart shaped pendants with special designs. However if you are looking for a romantic heart pendant, then you should choose an infinity heart pendant. An infinity heart pendant is a pendant with two hearts joined as one to symbolize an eternity of good luck and love. Now what can be more romantic than that?

When looking for a heart shaped pendant, find one with a special design like this or you can get a romantic Heart Shaped Locket instead.

The difference between a heart shaped pendant and a heart shaped locket is, you can personalize a locket by carefully cropping a photo of the two of you and placing them within the locket. That is very romantic indeed, to be able to wear a picture of the two of you hidden close to her heart.

Heart Shaped Jewelry is very romantic because the heart is a symbol of love.

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“Can you smell it? Romance is in the Air”

Top 4 Romantic Gift For Her For Valentine’s Day – Romantic Fragrances and Perfumes

Have you ever wondered why many fragrances have a love and romance theme? That is because women love fragrances. Whilst men may be visual characters, women are creatures with a sensitive and enhanced olfactory system. Women are attracted to smells and different smells creates different kinds of moods for a woman.

So you can never go wrong when picking a fragrance or a perfume as a romantic gift for her. Betterstill, select one with nice and attractive packaging. If you are planning to propose this Valentine’s Day, MARRY ME by Lanvin would be a good choice of a gift to present to her besides the ring.

If you can’t decide what fragrance to give, you can try mini perfume gift sets f
or women. It will let your woman try out various fragrances for different moods when she is out with you. It is very romantic to receive many beautiful miniature bottles of fragrances at the same time.

Women love little gestures and little things like that. Fragrances bottled in tiny miniaturized versions of real perfume bottles are very lovely to look at and very romantic indeed. She can display them on her dressing table, spray a different one each day and think of you. Romantic Holiday Gift Sets Can Be Given To Her For Valentines, For Christmas and the holidays or for her birthday too. They are available all year round.

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Love Is All Year Round. You Can Use These Romantic Gift Ideas For Christmas And Birthdays Too!

Top 5 Romantic Gifts for Her For Valentine’s Day – Romantic Cell Phone Case or Cover

What is romantic, is pink and has a cute romantic bow? Apparel? Wrong. Handbag? Wrong again. Jewelry? Wrong. It’s a romantic cell phone case.

These days, cell phone covers are the new accessories that women can carry with them in addition to their handbags and handbag charms or bracelets. Why not get her a romantic cell phone case or a romantic cell phone charm this Valentine’s? Its modern, unique and romantic all rolled into one. It is also great for parties.

Get a classy, bling bling one for her to carry with her on that Valentine’s Day Dinner or party you are taking her out to. You are taking her out on Valentine’s Day aren’t you?

Pssttt… You can update her phone to the latest iPhone 6 and get her a romantic 3d iPhone Case at the same time. So romantic and so thoughtful. An iPhone 6 with a romantic iphone case is just right for her to receive lovey dovey messages on her Whatsapp from you.

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“3 Simple Words is all I want to Say. I LOVE YOU”

Bonus Tip – How to Say I Love You

Look her deep in the eyes, then say “I LOVE YOU” Simple? Try it! It will be the best Valentine’s Day Gift and its free too. All you need is a little courage and sincerity.

Top 6 Romantic Gift for Her For Valentine’s Day – Romantic Life Size I Love You Bear for Valentine’s Day

If you still think that bears, chocolates and flowers are the most romantic of all, okay go on ahead and give a bear but try to make an impact. Make it a Life Size Bear carrying an I Love You Sign. If you’re too shy to say I Love You, you can let the bear do the talking. She’ll get the message all right.

This huge life size bear is gigantic and soft! Tell her she can hug it when she’s missing you.

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I Like Spending Time with You My Love

Why not get a “Just Because” Gift? A surprise gift is romantic as it shows you are thinking of her

Top 7 Romantic Gift for her for Valentine’s Day – Romantic Evening for Two

Your time is one of the most romantic gifts you can give her on Valentine’s Day. Why not present her with a Romantic Evening for Two Gift Basket filled with romantic goodies that you two can share, rent a Romantic Movies for Valentine’s Day, cuddle her and let her cry on your shoulder during romantic scenes. She’ll love you for it.

Tip # 1. Make that romantic movies only please! No footballs or other sports videos allowed on Valentine’s Day.

Tip #2. Don’t fall asleep and start snoring during the movie. That is certainly a no-no.

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Romantic Evening For Two Gift Basket

“You are in my heart forever”

Top 8 Romantic Gifts for Her For Valentine’s Day – Romantic Valentine Swarovski Crystal Rose

The thing about flowers is they are very romantic but they only last for about a week. Some more practical women may prefer not to get flowers for that reason especially wives and mothers whose thoughts are frequently on the amount of money they can save for their family, homes and children. It is still nice to get a flower though. So why not try an artificial one that lasts forever. You can always couple it with real flowers if you like, but give at least one that lasts forever, like your love.

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I Will Comfort and Love You Till The End of My Days

Top 9 Romantic Gifts for Her For Valentine’s Day – Romantic Lace Lingerie

Lace is very romantic. White lace even more so. White lace reminds one of weddings and brides and romantic moments. When buying lingerie for a woman, ROMANTIC lingerie that is, white lace is the way to go. Other colors for lingerie may be sexy but if its romance you’re after, go for white. Bear in mind that when it comes to intimate apparel, women like classy not tacky.

You can get a woman a romantic white lace lingerie as a romantic gift. Apart from lace, other good materials to get would be silk or satin.

There is something about lace, silk or satin. It feels luxurious. When the three are added together you get, romance, luxury and comfort all at the same time. You can’t get any better than that then presenting a woman with a luxurious silk or satin robe as a Romantic Gift for Valentine’s Day.

Here’s what one husband said..”I had to look long and hard for a chemise that could replace my wife’s flannel robe. It is practical, yet sexy, and my middle-aged wife loves it!”

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Homemade Gifts Are Very Romantic Because Of The Thought And Effort Put Into It

Top 10 Romantic Gifts for Her For Valentine’s Day – Homemade Romantic Photo Collage Of The Two Of You On A Recent Trip Or On Other Occasions

Don’t know how to make a homemade gift? That’s ok. You can get a homemade photo collage kit. All you have to do is put your photos in and decorate with the stickers and clothes pegs and line that come with the kit and hang it up in her room to surprise her. That is certainly very romantic indeed. Homemade, thoughtful and sweet too.

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