If you are looking for a romantic gift, then consider an eternity ring for they are the most romantic gift of all being the symbol of everlasting love. All you need to know about eternity rings here.eternity ring

Top 10 Eternity Ring Ideas

Eternity Rings are the most romantic gift of all. It is not so much the cost or type or style of ring that makes it romantic. It is the symbol and what an Eternity Rings represents.

An Eternity Ring represents everlasting and eternal love. Whoever gives the eternal ring to another is simply declaring their love for the person for an eternity. What could be more romantic than that?

This lens will give you the Top 10 Ideas for Eternity Rings. The Ideas are a mix and match of cuts, styles and stones you can use for an eternity ring. Each of the styles or gemstones you can use in an eternity ring will be explained in details. As a bonus, in addition to the Eternity Ring Ideas, you will also find out when you can give an Eternity Ring and the meaning of an Eternity Ring.

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I’ll Be Loving You Forever – That is what an Eternity Ring Means

Top 10 Eternity Ring Ideas – Different Gemstones, Styles and Cuts are Included in the Eternity Ring Ideas

The list here is not based on style or cut or gemstones used alone but rather, it has been compiled taking ALL of the factors into account so you may find some based on style whereas others are based on the gemstones used for the Eternity Rings.

Here are the Top 10 Eternity Ring Ideas in no particular order accept for the first. The First Style is the most traditional and everlasting style, so this is my top favorite. The rest are in no particular order.

  1. Diamond And Gold Eternity Rings
  2. Vintage Eternity Rings
  3. Birthstone Eternity Rings
  4. Stackable Eternity Rings
  5. Wide Eternity Rings
  6. Princess Cut Eternity Rings
  7. Half Eternity Rings
  8. Shared Prong Eternity Rings
  9. Cubic Zirconia Eternity Rings
  10. Channel Setting Eternity Rings

1. Diamond And Gold Eternity Ring – This is the most traditional design and is therefore the Top Number 1 for Eternity Ring Ideas

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14k Yellow Gold Diamond Eternity Band Ring

In Wikipedia, the Eternity Ring is described as follows..

“An eternity ring is a lady’s ring, worn on the hand, comprising a band of precious metal (usually gold) set with a continuous line of identically cut gemstones (usually diamonds) to symbolize never-ending love, usually given from a husband to his wife on the occasion of a significant anniversary.”

This first sentence in the description says it all. It is a very good summary of what an Eternity Ring means, when it should be given and the type of materials that are used for the ring.

The Diamond and Gold Eternity Ring in the picture fits this description exactly as is therefore my Top Pick for Eternity Ring Ideas.

However, in recent years, the trend has moved from yellow gold towards white gold with many preferring the look of diamonds with platinum, silver or white gold instead. Fortunately, this Gold and Diamond Eternity Band Ring is available in white gold or rose gold as well. It can be given individually or all 3 can be given together and stacked up and worn as a stacked eternity ring or triple eternity ring.

A very good idea would be to give one each of these Triple Eternity Rings eternity rings for different occasions or anniversaries. Note that not all triple eternity rings can be broken up and given separately. Some are in a wide design with all triple bands in one ring.

Diamonds are expensive so you should know your diamonds before you purchase one. You can go to the The Dictionary Of Diamond Terms to learn more about diamonds.

2. Vintage Style Eternity Rings – The Vintage style represents love and romance just as the Eternity Ring symbolizes eternal and everlasting love. 

Antique Style Solid 14K Yellow Gold Natural Ruby Ring BUY NOW!

14K Yellow Gold Womens Ruby Vintage Style Eternity Band Ring

A true romantic would love the vintage style Eternity Rings. Usually in colored gemstones like rubbies, sapphire, opal and others and metals such as the English Rose Gold, Eternity Rings in the Vintage style looks a little different from the other Eternity Rings you will find.

What Is The Meaning Of Eternity Rings?

Giving Someone An Eternity Ring Means telling the recipient…

“I Love You Forever.”

The unbroken circle of stones and rings symbolizes undying love, devotion and loyalty.

3. Birthstone Eternity Rings

Bling Jewelry 925 Sterling Silver Simulated Blue Topaz CZ December Birthstone Eternity Ring BUY NOW!

Birthstone Eternity Rings allows you to personalize your Eternity Ring for your loved one.

You can give your Eternity Rings an extra personal touch by getting your Eternity Ring set in your loved one’s birthstone.

Here is a simple Birthstone Chart to help you decide on the Eternity Rings with Birthstones

1. January – the lovely red Garnet

2. February – Purple Amethyst

3. March – clear Aquamarine

4. April – the everlasting Diamond

5. May – the bright green Emerald

6. June – the perfect Pearl or Alexandrite

7. July – the daring red Ruby

8. August – the light green Peridot

9. September – the brilliant blue Sapphire

10 October – the mysterious and colorful Opal

11. November – the yellow Citrine and Topaz

12. December – Turquoise, Blue Topaz, Blue Zircon or Tanzanite

4. Stackable Eternity Rings – I love Stackable Eternity Rings because they are a fashion statement

14k Rose Gold Plated Sterling Silver Five Band Diamond Ring Set BUY NOW!

You can wear your stackable Eternity Rings separately or together, on different fingers or all in one. The ways to wear the stackable Eternity Ring is endless and it is up to you to make a fashion statement with your stackable Eternity Ring.

5. Wide Eternity Rings – Another Fashion Statement Favorite, The Wide Eternity Rings Are For The Bold Woman Who Loves To Accesorize

Sterling Silver Wide Eternity Wedding Band Ring With Round Cut Cubic Zirconia BUY NOW!

Antique Style Diamond Eternity Ring Wide Band 14k White Gold

The Wide Eternity Ring can be a ring with a very modern look set on channel setting or it can be an Eternity Ring with an Antique Style. Both are equally eye catching and says something about the wearer… “she is daring, bold and a fashion setter. Get this style if you thing your loved one fits this description.”

6. Princess Cut Eternity Rings

3.50MM Sterling Silver 925 Cubic Zirconia CZ Eternity Engagement Wedding Band Ring BUY NOW!

What is a Princess Cut?

Princess Cut is a very popular diamond cut because of it’s brilliance, the second most popular in fact, after the round brilliant cut. It looks square on the surface but has sharp pointed uncut corners that resemble at inverted pyramid from the sides.

The Princess Cut Eternity Ring makes this princess cut even more brilliant since the eternity ring has gemstones placed side by side in a circle or semi-circle to symbolize eternal or everlasting love.

A princess cut Eternity Ring can be within your budget depending on the gemstones and metals you pick.

When Is A Good Time To Give An Eternity Ring?

Any time you want to profess your eternal love including….

1. Anniversaries

2. Birth of a Child

3. Engagement/Wedding

7. Half Eternity Rings – Half Eternity Rings or Semi- Eternity Rings are comfortable since they have more precious metals at the base of the ring

ZilverPassion Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia (Cz) Half Eternity Ring BUY NOW!

Half Eternity Rings or semi-eternity rings have half precious metals and half gems at the top of the ring. You can clearly see this from the image of the half eternity ring on this module.

Half does not mean love for half of eternity. It merely means that the half eternity ring is more comfortable and easier to resize because it has precious metals at the base of the ring making it more practical, comfortable but still as pretty for the wearer.

8. Shared Prong Eternity Ring – The Shared Prong Eternity Rings Makes the Ring Shine More Brilliantly

Black and White Diamond Shared Prong Eternity Ring BUY NOW!

Shared Prong Eternity Rings hold the row of gemstones on the Eternity Ring up higher allowing more light and brilliance. In a prong setting, small prongs (usually 4 or 6) hold the diamonds in place. When more than one diamond is in a row as in the case of Eternity Rings, the diamonds share the prong rather than have two prongs next to each other.

In a shared prong setting you see more gemstones than metal, which is the beauty of this type of setting.

A tip or two about shared prong settings. Make sure the prongs don’t easily catch on clothing, are comfortable and for an Eternity Ring, perhaps a small section on the underside of the ring may be left uncovered for sizing or re sizing purposes.

9. Cubic Zirconia Eternity Rings

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If budget is your main consideration, go for Cubic Zirconia Eterntiy Rings

Buying an Eternity Ring to profess your eternal love need not empty your pockets or break the bank, you can opt for Cubic Zirconia Eternity Rings.

Cubic Zirconia Eternity Rings or sometimes referred to as CZ Eternity Rings look just like diamonds. Cubic Zirconia is a synthesized material that is hard, optically flawless and usually colorless but can be made into colors as well. It is low cost, durable and resembles a diamond. It can be cut into the various shapes that you cut a diamond including round brilliant, princess cut etc.

Cubic Zirconia Eternity Rings sparkle and shines in the light, just like diamonds but it is very economic and affordable.

10. Channel Setting Eternity Bands – The Channel Eternity Ring is very comfortable

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Double-Band Ring / Channel Crystal Eternity Bands, Gold

In the Channel Setting Eternity Ring, the gemstones are set in a Channel. There is a continuous flow of gems give the ring added light and brilliance, no metal separate the stones as you can see from the image. The underside of the ring is all metal, is smooth and comfortable. You can even engrave your names on the underside unlike some other eternity rings in other settings which makes engraving difficult.

Many Men’s Eternity Rings are in this setting because the design can be more masculine as compared to Eternity Rings in Other Settings.

You can now shop for eternity rings and impress the receiver of your ring with your knowledge on eternity rings!

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