Tired of a cluttered kitchen? On this post, I’d like to share with you 10 smart ways you to help you organize your kitchen for an uncluttered neater working space you’ll love.

# 1 Hide It. You Can Hide Your Spice Bottles By Using Cabinet Door Spice Clips

One way to have an uncluttered look in your kitchen is to hide some of the stuff away. For example, instead of displaying your spices on your spice rack, you can opt to hide them away by using clips attached to the back of your cabinet door. This makes your spices easily reachable when you need them and they won’t clutter up the look of your kitchen. However, if you like to display your spices on a rack, go ahead. It is very much a personal preference. Hiding spice racks and bottles help in clean uncluttered lines especially for those with a smaller kitchen.

You Can Create An Uncluttered Look By Hiding Your Spice Bottles Behind Your Kitchen Cabinets Using Clips

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# 2 Organize Things You Normally Shove Into Kitchen Drawers

Do you have ugly rolls of kitchen wraps and aluminium foils which you shove into your ktichen drawers? I do. Sometimes my wraps get stuck in my drawers making it difficult to open my kitchen drawer. It is annoying and ugly.

One smart way to help you organizer your kitchen wraps is by putting them nicely and neatly away on a kitchen wrap organizer rack.

They’re attractive too and certainly rids you of the clutter in your kitchen drawers.

A Kitchen Roll Organizer Helps You Get Rid Of Clutter Quickly And Efficiently

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# 3 Organize Your Cans With A Can Holder

Do you have lots of canned food in your pantry or kitchen closet? Some are stashed way in the back so you don’t even know what you’ve got in there. You do a once in a while spring clean and find that they have expired so they have to go in the trash. What a waste.

Well, here is a way for you to organize your cans in a pretty way and make sure you can find your canned foods easily. Since it is tiered, you can further organize your cans according to food group.

You Can Organize Your Cans And Group Them Using A Made For Cans Rack

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# 4 Put Away Your Kitchen Tools And Utensils Neatly

I love kitchen tool crocks. In fact, I have 3. One for my forks and spoons, one for my ladles, spatulas and tongs. I have another for brushes and other stuff that I can’t categorize as utensils.

In fact, I don’t have an organizer for my forks and spoons. I just stash them all in the crock so I can get to them easily since I use them so much.

Here is another tip. It is even better if you can get a crock with dividers, then you can put the longer or taller tools at the back and the shorter ones in front. They really look neat that way.

A Kitchen Tool Crock With A Divider Helps You Put Your Utensils Away Neatly While Drying

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# 5 Organize Your Leftovers By Increasing Your Refrigerator Shelves

We all know that one way of organizing your leftovers is by keeping them in containers and putting them neatly in the refrigerator. However, what if you have a small refrigerator that won’t fit that many containers? What if your refrigerator has only a few shelves?

Here is an answer to that. You can buy extra shelves for your refrigerator to increase the storage space for your refrigerator. That is a pretty neat organizing trick for leftover food or pre-prepared food.

You Can Increase The Number Of Shelves For Your Refrigerator By Adding A Tiered Portable Shelf


Recap: Quick Tips On How To Organize Your Kitchen

  1. Hide It
  2. Hang It
  3. Stack It
  4. Shelf It
  5. Create More Space

# 6 Organize Your Coupons

Are you a coupon collector? Collecting coupons help us to safe money. It is financially smart to cut coupons, keep them and use them but how do you keep those coupons? Do you keep them stashed inside your purse or handbag or somewhere in your drawer. Sometimes you never see them again and then you have to spend time going through them and throwing away those which have expired.

One way to avoid that is to organize your coupons. Yes, that is right and the best place to keep your coupons is in the kitchen, the place where you would normally look around when you are planning to buy your groceries, no, not in the kitchen drawer but in a coupon organizer.

A Coupon Helps You Save Money. Organizing Your Coupons Help You Save Time Searching For Them

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# 7 Hang It Up And Shelf It Up

One perfect way of organizing your kitchen stuff is to add extra shelving to hang and shelf your tools and condiments. A multi use shelf or hanger is perfect for doing just that.

I love this one. You can hang towels, tools, put condiments you need to use all the time, chopping board, even knives fit in there!

It is certainly a very handy way for putting everything together in an organized way that helps you get to them easily for heavy use tools that you reach out for every time you cook.

A Multifunctional Kitchen Shelf Is Excellent For Tools And Condiments That You Use Frequently

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# 8 Organize Your Food In Tupperware Storage Containers

This is an obvious one but do you take the effort to do this? Organizing your food in storage containers make your kitchen and fridge look so neat and tidy.

I prefer using transparent, see through containers for this. Then I can see what food is inside and there is no need to label them.

You can use storage containers anywhere, in fridge for leftovers or on shelves and kitchen tops for keeping dried food stuff.

Transparent Food Containers Help You Identify Your Food Easily. They’re Pretty Too


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# 9 Get A Lazy Susan For Condiments

There are certain condiments that I use daily when preparing meals. I prepare 4 meals for my family everyday, breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner. I like to have my frequently used condiments easily reachable when I cook.

A turntable tray for condiments is perfect for that. It makes my salt, sugar, pepper, oils, garlic powder etc easily accessible at all times.

Not only do these turntable trays help you to organize, they are very convenient when preparing food.

A Lazy Susan Can Be Kept In The Cabinet If You Prefer. I Like Mine On The Counter


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# 10 Stack Them Up To Save Space

One way to save space in a small kitchen is to stack your items. You can stack Tupperware containers and other storage containers but did you know that you can stack your pans as well?

No, not one atop another with the bottoms of pans scratching and damaging the cooking surface of the top of another pan that requires protection but using a pan organizer rack.

You can install these racks inside your kitchen cabinets to create extra space for your pans. It will be really useful to organize the many little pans that you keep for making omelettes, pancakes, grilling etc.

You Can Use A Pan Organize To Create More Space For Your Pans Within Your Kitchen Cabinets


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What Is The Hardest Thing About Organizing Your Kitchen?

  • Finding room for my big items
  • Putting away my little utensils
  • Organizing my leftover and pre prepared food
  • Organizing my canned and foods in packages
  • Organizing my daily used items
  • Getting rid of clutter

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