Rugs and Carpets for girl’s room can brighten up a room instantly. Here are 15 Kids Room Decor Rugs For Girls, flowers, plain, cartoons, designs, many choices and many ideas for your daughter’s room.

One quick and easy way to brighten up a kids room decor is to get a decor rug, area rug or accent rug. This easy way to decorate a child’s room can turn a room from dull to bright instantly. You can change it too, for a different mood as your child grows older or when you are repainting or redecorating your child’s room to another color.

Children’s Rugs can also be fun pieces of play mats for they younger kids. I have changed my kids area rugs 3 times and they have had hours and hours of fun on their room mats.

I have looked around to find the cutest, sweetest rugs for girls room to feature in this lens. Here are my top 15 picks for kids room decor rugs for girls. I hope you enjoy browsing and find a suitable rug for your girl.

15 Cute Rugs For Girls Bedroom And Playroom

Pink Flowers And Butterflies Accent Rug For Girls Room – Blossoms And Butterflies Are A Nice Addition To Any Girls Bedroom Or Playroom

Rug Dimensions: LA Rug Blossoms & Butterflies Rug 39″x58″

This flowers and butterflies rug for girls room is made of 100% nylon and is fire retardant.

I love its bright vibrant colors. Although the base of this girl’s rug is pink, the bright yellow, purple and red colors of the flowers make it easy to match with any color in a girls room decor.

Girls will love to play on this rug too. My girl is often fascinated by butterflies as I think most girls are and I think this rug with butterflies on it will fascinate them too.

2. Underwater World Or Sea World And Mermaid Theme Kids Rug For Girls – This Mermaid Rug Will Delight Girls Who Love Fairytales, Fantasy And Mermaids

Rug Dimensions: LA Rug Mermaids Rug 39″x58″

The colors of this girl’s area rug are vivid and lively. It will be a lovely addition to brighten up a girl’s room decor.

You can get matching bedding, wall decal and plush pillows for this mermaid theme girl’s rug.

However, if you feel that too much of the same thing can be too much visually when decorating a kids room, you can get bedding, lamps and other decoration for your girl’s room in colors that match with the rugs main colors which are light blue, purple, pink with pastel green and coral accents.

3. Pink Tea Party Theme Girls Room Decor Rug – A Tea Party Pink Girl’s Rug Is Perfect For Little Girls

Rug Dimensions: LA Rug Tea Party 39-by-58-Inch Nylon Area Rug

Many little girls love playing tea parties. They love to hold tea parties with their dolls attending. This rug will be a lovely one for a little girl to have a tea party on.

Besides teacups and teapots, this rug also features flowers and cupcakes and has a sweet pink border. This girl’s rug has a light pink base with blue and purple teapots and teacups plus pink, yellow and purple cupcakes with matching blue, pink and yellow roses.. All very sweet colors for either a girl’s bedroom or playroom.

4. Bright Yellow Floral Rug For Girl’s Room – Little Girls Love Flowers, Butterflies And Bees. You Will See Them Featured On Many Girls’ Rugs

Rug Dimensions: LA Rug Flowerland 19-by-29-Inch Nylon Area Rug

The yellow on this girl’s rug is so sunny and bright, it makes me happy just looking at it.

This sunny yellow rug will brighten up a girl’s room with any theme. You don’t need to have yellow walls or have a room filled with yellow decoration to have this rug.

This rug is suitable for any room decor with any color theme for a girl’s bedroom or playroom.

5. Play Carpet Our Dream House Multi Kids Rug – This Rug Is Great For Little Girls Who Love To Pretend Playing House.

Rug Dimensions: Size: 3′ x 6’8″ Polypropylene / Olefin Rug from Belgium.

This multicolor rug may look loud at first but little girls will love it and will have hours of fun playing dollhouses on it. She can play pretend house with all her dolls by moving them from room to room and floor to floor on the house featured on the carpet.

This kids rug is suitable as a play mat for girls.

6. Happy Flowers Birds And Bees Chequered Blue Edging Rug For Girls – This Is Yet Another Flowers, Birds And Bees Theme Which Is Very Popular For Girl’s Rooms

Rug Dimensions: LA Rug Happy Flowers 39-by-58-Inch Nylon Area Rug

This kids rug is very bright and colorful. It features happy flowers on a sunny day with a dragonfly, butterfly, bee and a bird in a birdhouse. The design is very eye catching and will definitely brighten up any girl’s room instantly.

7. Disney Princess Rug For Girls – A Disney Princess Character Rug Is For Girls Who Love Disney Princesses

Rug Dimensions: Disney Princess Childrens ‘Icons’  Bedroom Rug measuring 5′ x 7′

In bright Disney Princess pink and featuring Disney Princesses Belle, Cinderella and Snow White etc., this Disney Princess Rug for girls are for fans of Disney Princesses or girls room with Disney Princess theme.

The popularity of the Disney Princess Theme for Girls room makes it easy for you to find matching bedding, books or toy organizer and many more items to decorate a girl’s room.

8. Pink Floral Rug For Girls – This Sunny Floral Pink Rug Is Suitable For Older Girls As Well Since It Does Not Have So Many Cartoon Characters On It. I

Rug Dimensions: This 90% Wool Pile / 10% Viscose Pile rug measures 5-feet by 8-feet

This floral rug can last for many years as a girl grows older. It won’t become too childish for her as she grows from todder to preschooler and before you know it from tween to teen. They grow up so fast.

So if you are thinking long term, you may like to invest in a floral rug like this as an accent for your girl’s room decor. This girl’s rug has a pink background with a floral pattern in stunning colors with shades of green, pink, red, gold, ivory and orange.

9. Purple Butterflies Kids Rug

Rug Dimensions: Supreme Butterfly Kids Rug from Egypt Measures 39-inch by 58-inch and available in multiple sizes

This bright purple butterflies rug has a very nice edging pattern. I love how it incorporates the checks into the overall pattern.

A totally check rug would have been boring for a girl’s room but this is anything but boring.

10. Green Meadow Rug For Kids Room – This Rug Is Suitable For Any Room, Not Only A Girl’s Room

Dimensions: 53″ X 41″ rug New Zealand wool Rug

This rug is suitable for any room, however kids will love the green. It’s like grass with bees buzzing over flowers in the meadow around the edges.

Nice for playing on, a child can pretend to have a picnic on this green meadow flower edging rug. Green is a very soothing color for the eyes.

Definitely a change from the usual pinks and purples for girls’ rugs, this color is nice but more challenging to blend in a girls room decor so you will need to pick your Kids’ Furniture And Decor carefully.

11. Haba Rosalie Rug – A Rug That Can Transition From Toddler To Teen Years

Rug Dimensions: Haba Paradise, Round 52.4 x 9 x 9 inches

This round pink rug with sweet patterns is suitable for older girls too. This rug won’t go out of style when your girl transitions from toddler to teen since it does not have a lot of childhood cartoons on it.

The round shape makes it a nice spot for girls of any age and can be used as a play area or reading corner.

12. Hello Kitty Rug For Girl’s Room – A Hello Kitty Theme Rug Is Great For Nurseries Or Toddler Girl’s Room

Rug Dimensions: This Hello Kitty Rug Measures is comes in rectangular 2’9″ x 4′ 10″

This Hello Kitty theme kids rug is in pink with blues and yellows. This makes it easier to match this rug to any room decor by following any of the colors or patterns used on the rug.

This rug is great for toddlers and preschoolers who may enjoy playing on it.

Kids love playing on rugs. Having a rug as a play mat is a good idea. Not only do they brighten up a room, they are also fun.

13. Blue Girls’ Summer Look Rug – Kids Rug Or Guest Room Rug? It Is Up To You

Rug Dimensions: Japanese acrylic yarn 55″ X 55″ square rug

This rug has a flight of colorful butterflies on a sky blue background. It is great for teen girls or older girls.

In fact, you can even use this rug as an accent rug for your guest room.

14. Pink And Purple Hopscotch Rug For Girls Rooms – A Hopscotch Rug Is Fun And Decorative At The Same Time

Rug Dimensions: Alex Hopscotch Nylon rug measures 76″ x 24″

This hopscotch rug is more of a playmat rather than a decorative rug. However, you have a choice to leave it in the room as decor or roll it up after play.

You can even take it outdoors to play hopscotch. The vibrant colors and design on this hopscotch rug takes playing hopscotch several notches up the fun factor.

It comes with 3 colorful bean bags.

15. Kid’s Time Out Rug – This Is A Fun Rug For Disciplining Children Using Time Out

Rug Dimensions: Plush 27″ Child to Cherish Time Out Spot Rug diameter rug with non-skid backing

Do you practice time out during disciplining? If you do, this time out rug is a cute addition to a room. It also gives a child a visual place and actual spot to sit on during time out.

However, I’m afraid mum is going to love this time out rug more than the kid.

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