How To Wear A Bib Necklace With Style

A Bib Necklace is a grand statement accessory for women. It is bold, colorful and can easily turn your outfit from night to day, from casual to party instantly and effortlessly. It is versatile and exciting. If you have not tried one before, you should.

A Bib Necklace looks tribal, authentic, romantic all at the same time. It can become the highlight of your dress. You won’t need any other accessory with it. Perhaps just a clutch back or a statement cocktail ring to go is enough to make you the talk of the party.

This lens will show you How To Wear A Bib Necklace as well as give you tips on How Not To Wear One. I have drawn an illustration to give you a quick idea but you can read it in more detail in the modules that follow. I hope you enjoy this lens as much as I enjoyed writing it.

What Is A Bib Necklace?

A Bib Necklace is rather like a child’s bib (as the name implies). It is broad based at the chest, sometimes encrusted with jewels, or pearls and beads and precious stones and thin at the back, sometimes tied at the back with a string or cord or made of chain. Prices vary depending on the materials used.

A Bib Necklace is a strong statement jewelry. It is normally very colorful and the design is very bold. Sometimes it has an Egyptian princess or Cleopatra look, sometimes a tribal look or a clean modern look depending on which type of Bib Necklace you choose.

You can even DIY one yourself using an old t-shirt and by sewing jewels on if you are the very crafty type.

You do not have to worry about this type of necklace being out of fashion as there are many ways to wear it and it is up to the wearer to bring out the best of their outfits by accessorizing it in a stylish way.

The Right Way To Wear A Bib Necklace

Pretty Bib Necklaces That Make A Statement

I love this bold colored bib necklace. The bold orange and gold will look nice with a plain orange dress turning an ordinary shift into a party dress instantly!

This bib necklace has an interesting floral design. The pastel colors will look good on most outfits. It will also look great on a nude colored dress.

Turquoise is my favorite color. This turquoise and red bib necklace looks so tribal and authentic. I like it. You can wear it with turquoise or red. It is so versatile.

This is called a mini bib necklace since the part that covers the chest is not so huge and it is not chunky. Great for those who want to try out a bib necklace but prefers not to have a chunky one.

For those who like it dainty, you can try this very dainty and sweet bib necklace from Juicy Couture.

How To Wear A Bib Necklace – Do Wear Your Bib Necklace In The Following Styles

  1. Wear It With A Round Collar Neckline. Wear it Exactly where the Collar starts so that your necklace becomes your Collar. You can do this for blouses or dresses. Keep the blouse or dress plain. The main color of your blouse or dress should match at least one of the colors that make up the necklace so that they complement each other and the necklace brings out the dress or in this case so that your dress shows off the beauty of your necklace.
  2. Wear it with a bustier type of dress. This makes sure that your shoulders and neck are clean and clear and your necklace will stand out perfectly without distractions.
  3. Wear it with a one shoulder dress. This creates interest and brings out the often plain one shoulder dress perfectly.
  4. Wear it with a turtle neck colar. Again, the idea is to make sure that your neckline is not too busy and the neckline of your outfit do not clash with your accessory.
  5. Minimize your other accessories. Unless you are wearing a very dainty and demure bib necklace, try to keep your accessories to the minimum. You don’t need earrings or bangles when you are wearing one because the necklace is so bold but you can wear it with a matching cocktail ring if you like.

How Not To Wear A Bib Necklace – Avoid Wearing Your Bib Necklace In The Following Manner

  1. Do not wear your bib necklace with a busy neckline especially one that has colars.
  2. Do not wear it with loud colors. Wearing it with plain colors make your necklace stand out better so your neckline won’t look so busy or like a Christmas tree ornament decoration.
  3. If you are wearing over a round collar, do not wear it above the collar as this creates a messy look.
  4. Do not wear it with an outfit that clashes with the colors of the bib necklace. A bib necklace is very colorful so you must be careful not to overdo the colors.

Types Of Bib Necklaces

Bib Necklaces are described differently depending on their design. I have heard it being described as wrapables, choker necklace, teardrop, leafdrop or geometric drop necklace, cleopatra necklace, pendant necklace, bubble necklace.

Some look like collars, some have tassels, some have a cascading waterfall of jewels. Most are chunky but you can also find some more dainty ones if you prefer.

Whatever the design, bib necklaces are statement necklaces and you cannot help but notice them so choose one carefully and wear it right!

Have you worn a bib necklace before? Will you try one now? Here are some other styles for you to try.

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