A Sarong Pareo Is A Versatile Scarf You Can Use To Wear In Many Ways. This Post Shows You The 5 Most Popular Ways To Wear A Sarong Pareo Wrap Scarf.

5 Popular Ways To Wear A Sarong Pareo Wrap Scarf

Summer is a good time to head for the beaches. What is the best way to cover up at the beach
? You could use a sarong pareo wrap scarf or shawl. A pareo is a Tahitian word for a wrap around skirt.

It is a rectangle piece of cloth usually in bright, vibrant colors and beautiful design. You can wear a pareo or sarong not only as a wrap around skirt but in many ways. This lens features the 5 most popular ways to wear a sarong pareo.

A pareo sarong is extremely versatile and very sexy. You can wear it as a skirt, a full dress or simply throw it over your shoulders as a shawl or wrap.

One Piece Of Cloth, So Many Styles!

Ways You Can Tie Your Sarong Pareo Scarf – You can tie your pareo or sarong in up to 20 ways or styles!

You will be amazed to see just how many ways you can tie your sarong in this video.

One piece of cloth can be transformed into so many styles. The sarong is an extremely versatile piece of cloth. Don’t forget to pack it for your beach holidays.

Pareo And Sarong Tying For Women Video

You Can Wear Your Sarong Or Pareo In A Variety Of Ways – This Post Highlights 5 Most Popular Ways You Can Wear Your Pareo Scarf
  1. Wear Your Sarong Pareo Scarf As A Halter Neck Dress
  2. Wear Your Sarong Pareo Scarf As A Wrap Around or Tie Around Skirt
  3. Wear Your Sarong Pareo Scarf As a Strapless Dress
  4. Wear Your Sarong Pareo Scarf As A One Shoulder Toga Style Dress Or Top
  5. Wear Your Sarong Pareo Scarf As A Shawl To Keep You Warm Or As A Accessory To Your

1. Wear Your Pareo Sarong Scarf As A Halter Neck Dress – Here is one popular and easy way you can wear your pareo

Just wrap the scarf around your body, then gather the two ends together and immediately tie it behind your neck.

The pareo scarf is easy to bring along for summer beach holidays as it is lightweight and it is very versatile. One sarong can turn into many outfits as you will see later.

Wearing The Scarf As A Halter Neck Dress – Here is a variation of how you can wear your scarf as a halter neck dress

First, wrap the sarong or scarf around your body as you did in the first style, but this time twist the front ends together and continue twisting the ends before tying it behind your neck.

This also creates a halter neck dress but as you can see, it looks a little bit more interesting than the first halter neck style.

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2. Wear Your Pareo Sarong Scarf As A Wrap Around Skirt – This style is perfect for wearing over bathing suits or with bikinis

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There are several variations for tying your sarong into a wrap around skirt. The easiest method would be to wrap the sarong around your waist or slightly lower than waist level, then tie a knot at the side.

You could also wrap and fold the sarong in first on one side before completing the wrap and folding the sarong into the other end as the video below shows.

3. Wear Your Sarong Pareo Scarf As A Traditional Strapless Dress – You can wear your sarong as a strapless dress for the beach

How To Tie Your Sarong Into A Strapless Dress

Tie your sarong into a traditional and exotic looking strapless dress by bringing the sarong from back to front just underneath your arms.

Then tie the sarong into place once before making a knot by tying it the second time.

Finally, position the ends so that they all fall nicely.

4. Wear You Sarong As a Toga Style One Shoulder Dress – The Toga Style or One Shoulder Dress Style Is Another Popular Way To Tie A Sarong

You will need some practice with to wear your sarong like a one shoulder dress or you could get a friend to help you tie the sarong at the back.

An interesting variation to this is folding your pareo into two and turning it into a one shoulder top instead.

How Amazing It Is To Be Able To Wear Your Shawl As A Dress

That is exactly what you can do with a pareo sarong

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5. Wear Your Pareo As A Shawl Or Scarf Around Your Shoulders – Warm summer days on the beach quickly turn into cool summer nights

The Pareo Can Be Worn As A Shawl In A Number Of Creative Ways It always comes as a surprise that these shawls can turn into a dress or a top with a twist, a fold or a wrap

You can keep warm during cool summer nights by wrapping or throwing your pareo over your shoulders and wearing it as a shawl instead.

One cloth, many variations. Even when wearing your pareo as a shawl, you can create many styles and looks by the way you throw it over your shoulders, either full draped, front draped, tie it like a regular scarf, fully cover, half cover, front to back, back to front. It’s up to you to create your own style.

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Did You Know That A Coconut Buckle Can Make Tying Your Sarong Very Easy AndĀ Almost Effortless

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Tying A Sarong With A Coconut Buckle – The coconut buckle makes it easy to tie your sarongs

Here are more sarong pareo wraps for you to practice your creativity with this square piece of cloth.

Watch the video on 20 ways to tie a sarong pareo wrap for more ideas.

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