13 Dressing Tips For Plus Sized Women plus how to choose your outfit to show a slimmer you including how to look fashionable while wearing plus sized clothing.

Dressing Tips For Plus Size Women

Being Plus Size does not mean you have to dress up in boring garb. Being plus size does not mean you cannot be fashionable or stylish. Being plus size means you can be yourself and yet still be fashionable and stylish. You just have to choose the correct outfits to slim you down. In fact many skinny people choose correct outfits to fill up. In the same manner, we plus sized women can find garments to cover up and make us look great.

Here are some dressing tips and pointers for plus size women. If you follow these tips, you can say goodbye to boring and hello to a new fashionable you.

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13 Dressing Tips For Plus Size Women

13 Things To Remember When You Buy Your Plus Size Clothing

Here are 13 surefire ways to slim down your look. When you are buying clothing for plus size women, look out for the following.

  1. Dark Colors Or Black. Dark colors slim. Light colors make you look fatter. That is the most simple rule of all.
  2. Asymmetrical Hems. Asymmetrical hems are a wonderful way to cover up at just the right places. Asymmetrical hems very sexy and stylish too for plus size women.
  3. Colorblock Garments. If you want bright colors, try a colorblock blouse or a colorblock dress. Colorblock garments are perfect for plus size women because they can instantly make you look slim. At the same time, you can enjoy the wonderful color play instead of the usual dark colors for plus size women.
  4. V-Neck. When it comes to neckline, go for a V-Neck or deep neckline. V-Necks slims more than any other neckline does.
  5. Vertical Stripes. Vertical stripes are much better than horizontal stripes for plus size women. Asymmetrical stripes are great too.
  6. Longer blouses. Get longer blouses and shorter skirts. We’ve got to hide the thighs while showing off the legs.
  7. Jackets. Jackets are great for jazzing up any outfits. A longer asymmetrical cut jacket would be just right for plus size women. Jackets are better than cardigans for plus size women because soft cardigans tend to cling to the body and we don’t want that. Avoid clingy material.
  8. Side Panels. Side panels on dresses and blouses, especially dark color side panels are very slimming for plus size people.
  9. Clean Cuts. Forget the frills. Go for elegant clean cuts. Umpire cuts, A lines and straight cuts without the frills are good for plus size ladies.
  10. Leggings. Leggings slim down the legs but remember to wear a long jacket or cover up with a pretty shawl or wrap.
  11. Length. Not too long and not too short. Medium length up to the knees for dresses are a good length for plus size women’s dresses.
  12. Be Bold With Accessories. Plus sized women have the advantage of being able to carry off bold and beautiful accessories with their outfits.
  13. Wear High Heels. Elongate your legs with high heels. The taller you are the slimmer you look.

Now, let’s look at some examples of plus size clothing for women that fit the descriptions above.

Black Never Fails To Slim You Down And Give You An Attractive Sillhoutte – Little Black Dress For Plus Sized Women

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All plus sized women know that black is a slimming color. Black and all other dark colors like navy blue and deep shades of all other colors. So if you want to wear a little black dress for cocktails, go for the little black dress. Do not choose the little white dress. The little black dress will make you look elegant. The little white dress just makes you look fat and frumpy.

This little black dress is in a dark color, V-neck, medium length and clean cut. It fits 4 of the above descriptions on tips for dressing a plus size women. This LBD is perfect for plus sized women.

Asymmetrical Cuts and Hems Are Excellent For Plus Sized Women

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Asymmetrical hems hide tummy and thighs. This is the biggest problem area for plus sized women. I love how asymmetrical hems have become in fashion. It allows us plus sized ladies to look fashionable while covering up those tummy and thighs at the same time.

This sweater is in a dark color. It has an asymmetrical hem and the material is not too clingy. It fits many of the tips mentioned above for fitting plus size women with the correct outfits. It is just right for plus size women to cover up at just the right places while keeping you warm and stylish at the same time.

Asymmetrical hems work for blouses as well as dresses

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Asymmetrical Is The Magic Word For Plus Size Women. Get Asymmetrical Hems, Asymmetrical Blouses, Tops And Asymmetrical Dresses – Asymmetrical is that magic word

Match Long Blouses, Jackets Or Sweaters With Short Skirts Or Leggings To Elongate Your Body

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Oversized Capes For Plus Size Women should ideally meet the following criteria.

The material is thick and not too clingy. It’s a nice dark color. The cut is simple. It has a nice length for plus size women. It looks great worn with leggings. If it meets many of this criteria then go for it.

Asymmetrical Hemlines Work Both For Pullover Sweaters As Well As Open Front Cardigans

A Colorblock Dress In Asymmetrical Stripe for Plus Size Women.

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Refer to the checklist above again. Dark color. Check. Asymmetrical. Check. Colorblock. Check. Clean Cut. Check. Good medium length. Check.

This colorblock assymetrical stripe dress is recommended for plus size women as it meets many of the guidelines for dressing for a plus size woman.

Choose Color block Dresses With Dark Panels At The Side

Colorblock Blouses, Tops Or Colorblock Dresses Are Perfect Because They Are Asymmetrical And Some Have Slimming Side Panels. Colorblock Dresses are the greatest fashion creation for plus sized women.

If the color blocking is done correctly, it really has a slimming effect. Choose side panels in a darker color. Do not be afraid to go for bold and bright colors. Who says dressing for plus sized women have to be boring. Choose color blocking that goes diagonally, across the body or in other creative ways that help break up the body shape that creates the slimming look we want.

Plus Size Two Piece Jackets Or Three Piece Outfits Are Great For The Office And Slims Down Your Silhouette

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Two or three piece outfits creates a long and smooth bodyline that makes you look slimmer.

Two piece jacket dresses for plus size women or three piece skirt or pants suit are suitable for plus size ladies because the matching jackets creates an elongated body line which has an overall slimming effect on the outfits.

Jacket dresses can be worn anytime depending on the type of jacket dresses.Pick jacket dresses with softer material and a softer look for casual or party and jacket dresses with sheath and jacket for more formal office wear.

The matching jackets that come with the dress jackets are great for concealing while at the same time make the dress appealing if embellished with beads and other embellishments.

What Type Of Stripe Dress Should A Plus Size Woman Pick? – Vertical Or Diagonal Stripes Make A Person Look Slimmer

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Vertigal or diagonal stripes is preferred over horizontal stripes for plus size women dresses.

This stripe dress for plus sized women can be paired with bright color accessories or worn on its own. Either way it passes all the criteria set out above for plus size women clothing. The color is minimal. The medium length is just right. The stripes are a mixed vertical and horizontal. A stylish and very pretty dress indeed for plus sized ladies. Avoid a fully horizontal one as it is not flattering for the plus sized woman.

Jackets And Coats For Plus Size Women Should Have Interesting Hemlines

You Can Pick Longer Jackets With Asymmetrical Hemlines To Enhance Shapely Legs And Calves While Concealing Hips And Thighs

Choose interesting shapes for jackets and coats for plus sized women. Keep the length long rather than short and remember that darker colors have a better slimming effect.

Shawls And Wraps Can Hide Or Reveal And Be A Fashion Statement At The Same Time

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Wraps Are Beautiful And Can Be Used Not Only To Slim But To Add Your Own Style To A Dull Outfit

Plus size cardigans, sweaters, ponchos, shawls and wraps are a good way to create your own style while making you look slim at the same time.

Shawls and wraps are very versatile. You can wrap them around your shoulders or wear them like a poncho.

Get two tone shawls, color block wraps, crochet wraps and more to keep you warm. At the same time these plus size women shawls can jazz up your outfit.

Who Says Plus Sized Has To Be Dull And Boring? No Way! Here Are More Fun And Beautiful Outfits For The Fashionable Plus Sized Woman

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