Effective Ways To Clean A Cowhide Rug
Many people like to use cowhide rugs in high traffic areas. The reason is that cowhide rugs are extremely durable and are mostly able to resist staining. This type of rug is also easier to maintain when compared to other rugs. Any rug that is in constantly being used will need to be regularly cleaned. It is also more prone to experiencing different types of spills and debris. An attractive feature of cowhide rugs is how they’re able to be cleaned with items common in most homes. They should never be dry cleaned or put in a washing machine. Chemical cleaners should never be used. It is also important they never become soaking wet.

Shaking Out
It is recommended that owners take their cowhide rug outside at least once a week and give it a good shaking. Doing this is an effective way to remove large particles that have gotten on the rug as well as dust. It’s best to hang a cowhide rug on a clothesline, fence or banister. Hit the rug with a broom or similar object. This will cause dirt and dust to get off the rug even if it’s in deep.

It’s possible to clean a cowhide rug by brushing it lightly. When doing this, it is important to brush in the direction of the fur. A wire rug brush that was made to brush animal fur can be used. It is also possible to put unscented talcum powder on the fur and leave it for a few hours and then brush the rug. This is a good way to remove dirt, dust, grime, and odors.

Steam Cleaning
It is good to steam clean a cowhide rug. This method is very effective when it comes to removing difficult stains and odors. The process begins with the cowhide rug being vacuumed. This will remove any loose items like soil and other debris. The most effective way to vacuum a cowhide rug is to use the hose attachment. The hose should always be moved with the grain of the hair. The steam cleaner should also be moved in the direction of the grain of the hair. When the process is finished, the cowhide rug should be damp but not wet. The rug should dry completely before being used again.

Cleaning Food Stains
When food stains from pasta, chips or anything that is not liquid gets on a cowhide rug, it first needs to be removed with an item able to scrape away foodstuff. It could be things such as a spoon, pet brush or even a very dull knife. The scraping needs to be done in the direction of the hair. If there is a stain, it needs to be removed with a damp cloth and sudsy water. This should be done with a non-alkaline soap. When this is done, a new damp cloth can be used to remove the residue. The cowhide rug then needs dry at room temperature.

Removing Grease Stains
The process of removing oil or grease stains from a cowhide rug is very much like removing food stains. It starts by carefully scraping off as much of the oil and grease as possible. As with removing food stains, this can be accomplished using a spoon, pet brush or even a very dull knife. It is important to remember to scrape the oil or grease in the same direction as the hair. The next step is put a small amount of organic eucalyptus oil directly onto the stain. A cloth that is clean and dry need to then be used to wipe up the stain. The cowhide rug will need to be completely dry before it is used again. Should the stain remain after this process, it may be time to contact a professional rug cleaner.

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