Recently I read an article about perc contamination at a dry cleaners. Apparently, a dry cleaning business had to tear up concrete and do soil excavation to get rid of soil contamination due to chemical leaks from the old machinery. Large sections of the flooring including the car park had to be torn up and removed including deep into the bedrock to clear the contaminants. Fortunately it had not seeped into the groundwater.

The old dry cleaning machinery used to have perc, which is partly derived from chlorine which was exposed unlike the ones that are sealed in drums these days. This is how a dry cleaning machine works. It uses perc to remove dirt from clothes instead of water.


What happened at this dry cleaning business was the chemical had leaked over the years and he had no choice but to do a clean-up. He engaged an environmental cleanup firm to do it.

Doing a business these days is not easy at all, even a business like a dry cleaning business. One should read up and be aware of anything that could affect our business including environmental awareness. By being aware, we can be responsible citizens and we can also avoid possible harm, damage or even lawsuits.

Good thing the owner of that dry cleaner did the responsible thing but it meant closing up his dry cleaning business of 35 years! Wow, I think it is important that all businessmen are diligent in finding and cleaning up environmental spills and prevent accidental contamination. Don’t you?


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