Soil gases are the gases found in the spaces among soil components. Sometimes, any environmental contaminants that are found below the ground may produce gases which then diffuses through the soil. It is important to do vapor intrusion testing to determine the types of  gasses if you suspect contamination because soil gases can diffuse into building too.

There are many methods and tools to do vapor intrusion sampling and testing including some low cost yet effective methods to conduct soil gas probes in order to make stray gas and chemical evaluations. Some are easy to install and can even be reused. Most importantly, there are less chances of leaks during gas sample collection.

Screening is important to be able to quickly identify source areas and extent of any contamination. Vapor intrusion sampling and testing will fully empower you to make faster as well as better-informed decisions in order to decide on remedial activities. You can also monitor the effectiveness of remedial action.

The danger is you cannot see soil gas contaminants because it is colorless and odorless. It can also move into your home quickly by seeping through the earth. An example is radon gas. You can prevent exposure by getting a soil gas testing kit.

Doing a soil gas sample before building your new home is a must. Why? If you live in a building with high soil vapor level for example, you may deal with lung disorders after living long term in the building. So, do not take the lazy way out. It will save you a lot of time and expense later on.

After all, these days there are simple and effective tools to help you with soil gas sampling. You just have to make sure you do it with a little planning and minimal cost now.




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