Choosing Cross Stitch Patterns can be quite a challenge. This post showcases my cross stitch projects over the years and my tips on how to choose a cross stitch pattern for your next project. Cross stitch thread


Choosing Cross Stitch Patterns

Once you’ve started learning to cross stitch, the next step is to choose cross stitch patterns and designs for your cross stitch projects. Now, that is really the fun part. I have spent hours poring over cross stitch books and cross stitch designs to find just the right design that I want.

In this lens I will share some tips with you on how to choose the right cross stitch pattern and designs for your cross stitch projects. Besides the tips, I will also share with you the cross stitch I have done over the years and talk about each of them so you have a better idea of the differences in each cross stitch design and why I chose them.

I hope this helps those of you who are searching for information on how to choose cross stitch patterns and designs.

You Can Select And Sew A Cross Stitch Design For Different Occasions And Special Moments In Your Life As I Have

Before I Start Sharing My Cross Stitch Pattern Selection Tips, I Would Like To Share With You An Intro Of How I Started Cross St

My Home Science Teacher Introduced Me To Cross Stitching When I Was Ten

I first started cross stitching when my home science teacher taught the class how to cross stitch when I was 10. I still remember the first cross stitch pattern I did was one of a Japanese girl holding an umbrella. She was wearing a pastel pink and green kimono and holding an umbrella with pretty flowers on it.

I no longer have the cross stitch now. I must have lost it or given it away during one of the many times we moved house. Funnily, I remember the cross stitch pattern clearly in my mind, even though I do not have it with me anymore. In fact, I remember each and every cross stitch project I have done clearly and there were many.

Cross stitch projects make lovely gifts. I have sewn and given away many cross stitch to friends for the birth of their babies etc. Cross stitch patterns also marks the special moments in our lives.

This is my number one tip on choosing a cross stitch project.


Welcome To My Cross Stitch Gallery

I Chose This Cross Stitch Of Two Dogs To Give To My Then Boyfriend And Now My Husband Of Over 10 Years – You Can Choose A Cross Stitch Pattern Of Animals If You

Cross Stitch Dogs

Cross Stitch Dogs

Cross Stitch Pattern Dogs

I did this cross stitch many years ago. This cross stitch of two dogs was sewn with love and given to my boyfriend as a birthday present. At the time, he had three dogs in his house. I was happy to find this cross stitch design with two dogs which look very much like the dogs he had in his home at the time.

It was quite an easy project as there were a lot of single cross stitch. Single cross stitch is when you are required to sew one side of the cross stitch only, usually used to depict reflection etc to make it appear lighter.

Cross stitch projects are great as gifts. Choose a design that have special meaning like a wedding or birth of a child or picture of animals for pet lovers like this one.

Tip: Cross stitch gifts last for years. If you frame them up as I have done here, remember to write at the back of your frame and remember to include the date too since the gift will last for years to come and the date will help the recipient remember that special moment when you presented the cross stitch gift to them.

This Cross Stitch Easter Pattern Was Given To Me As A Present By My Sister In Law – This Cross Stitch Easter Pattern Came In A Complete Cross Stitch Kit

Cross Stitch Pattern Easter

Cross Stitch Easter Boy and Girl

Cross Stitch Easter Boy and Girl

This was one of the best presents I received. I loved it so much. The cross stitch came in a complete cross stitch kit with cross stitch pattern, cross stitch floss, cross stitch needle and cross stitch material. All I had to do was start stitching.

I love the little rhyme at the bottom of the picture. In fact, I love any cross stitch that comes with a quote. You can easily add your own quote to any cross stitch project too, if you like.

This cross stitch design had a lot of back stitches to make define the outline of the cross stitch picture. The writing at the bottom is also done using back stitches.

Tips On Choosing Cross Stitch Patterns – I Hope This Simple Cross Stitch Patterns And Design Selection Tips Helps You

If you are new to cross stitch, then I wish you a happy time cross stitching. If you are not new to cross stitch, then I am sure that you will agree with me that every cross stitch you sew carries a lasting memory and you remember every cross stitch project you have done with fondness like I do.

If you are new, choose a cross stitch kit that comes complete with everything
Decide on whether you want a stamped or counted cross stitch set. A stamped set has color coding on the material to show you where to sew. A counted cross stitch set has blank material so you have to find the middle, then start sewing and counting from there by following a given chart

Small cross stitch projects are faster and easier to complete and therefore more motivating, so choose small cross stitch patterns rather than large ambitious cross stitch patterns. Leave the large patterns to the cross stitch die hard experts

If you are not buying a cross stitch kit that comes with everything, then you have to decide whether you want to buy a cross stitch pattern chart or a whole cross stitch book
If you are buying a cross stitch book with mini and not so mini patterns, you can make your own cross stitch designs

When buying cross stitch pattern books, you can buy cross stitch books that carry a theme. These are great for home decor

Pick a cross stitch pattern for a special occasion like birth, wedding or for celebrations like Christmas or Easter. These are great keepsakes for yourself as well as gifts

I Got This Cross Stitch Pattern From A Cross Stitch Book Of Water Features. – If You Like A Particular Theme, You Can Choose A Cross Stitch Book With That Theme

Cross Stitch Pattern Waterfall

Cross Stitch Waterfall

Cross Stitch Waterfall

During the time I spent browsing and looking through cross stitch patterns, I found a treasure, a little book on cross stitch featuring waterfalls, fountains and every other cross stitch with water feature you can think of. I loved it so much.

One day, as I was sewing my cross stitch from my cross stitch patterns with water theme book, the tea lady at my office admired it and requested to borrow my book. She never returned it despite my asking her for it a few times. If she had really wanted it that much, I could have given it to her but at least let me photostat a copy of the cross stitch patterns for myself first!

In this cross stitch pattern, the whole cross stitch material was filled with stitches, nothing was left blank, which is very nice.

Tip: When choosing cross stitch patterns, you can select special themes. Special themed cross stitch patterns can usually be found in cross stitch patter books. You can find cross stitch themes like flowers, music, sports, animals even favorite cartoons to make and decorate your home with.

This Cross Stitch Picnic Scene Was From A Single Cross Stitch Pattern. It Did Not Include A Cross Stitch Kit. I Had To Buy The Cross Stitch Pattern separately

Cross Stitch pattern Picnic

Cross Stitch Picnic

Cross Stitch Picnic

The end result of this cross stitch picnic design was quite nice however it was rather hard to sew. Firstly, I purchased only the design and I had to buy the other cross stitch stuff separately. Secondly, it involved a lot of 1/2, 1/4 and 3/4 stitches which I did not know at the time. I found those 1/2 and 1/4 stitches rather cumbersome and boring to sew.

The cross stitch also used mainly two floss of thread instead of six and on finely woven cross stitch cloth making it even harder to sew but the end result is lovely as I mentioned. I guess if you want something nice, you have to work for it just like any other thing in life.

This Is My Largest Cross Stitch Pattern Featuring A Nature Theme – It Took Me Several Months Working On It Daily To Complete

Cross Stitch Pattern Nature

Cross Stitch Scenery

Cross Stitch Scenery

I did this cross stitch at a point in my life when I had more free time. I could never do another cross stitch like that now. Having two young kids who require most of my attention may be one of the reasons. I also enjoy my online writing a lot which takes up a lot of my time too.

This is a very large cross stitch pattern. I wouldn’t recommend it unless you have a lot of free time and really enjoy cross stitch a lot. Otherwise, you may abandon it half way.

Tip: Smaller cross stitch are easier and faster to complete and therefore more motivating. I can complete a small project in a day or two but a big project like this takes a few months. These days, I prefer smaller projects as being able to see a finished cross stitch projects gives me a certain sense of accomplishment and a smaller project allows me to feel this “happy I have finished this cross stitch feeling” faster and more often.

This Is My Current Cross Stitch Design From Another Large Sized Nature Themed Cross Stitch Chart

Cross Stitch WIP

Cross Stitch Pattern

Cross Stitch Pattern

I bought this large sized cross stitch pattern along with all the necessary cross stitch floss, needles and cloth to make a large sized picture for my new house. The other large sized cross stitch pattern from a cross stitch chart was done for my previous apartment. I bought this to make as a house warming present for myself when we moved from an apartment to a house.

I’ve been living in the house for more than 5 years now and my cross stitch remains uncompleted. That is why I gave the warning about large projects. It takes too long to complete. Oh, I don’t mean it takes 5 years to complete. It is just that I keep on putting it aside and putting it off because it takes so long.

I was really excited about this one because the design came with beads, something I had not tried sewing before. The shopkeeper did warn me that I was getting a really beautiful but hard to sew design but I did not heed his warning.

This cross stitch requires stitches using different numbered flosses to give it a 3D effect. Some flosses had to be combined, ie using 3 floss of one color combined with 3 floss of another color to give it shading making it hard and tedious to sew.

Tip: When choosing large patterns that really looks beautiful with lots of shading and effect, you may have to do a lot of work to make it look that lovely!

Find More Cross Stitch Patterns On Amazon – You can use this search box to find more cross stitch patterns and designs on Amazon.

Photo Credit

The cross stitch photos on this page are from my personal collection of cross stitch which I have done over the years. I took the photos using my iPad 4, transferred them to my computer using a photo transfer app and resized them with a photo resizer to share them here with you.

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