Someone suggested that I write about my contest adventures and though I wanted to do so, I was a bit lazy because I have 5 FB groups, 1 website, half a dozen blogs, a few FB pages and all the social media accounts to keep these active. I also send out weekly newsletters to my website and blog subscribers so my hands are full.

However, my contest group is my current love so its always on my mind and writing about it will be quite effortless so here goes. It also gives me a chance to keep this blog alive again. I’ve been paying for it for years and not updating much. What a waste.

I started my contest group on 14 March 2019. It’s now 13 August 2019. That means my group is now 5 months old. I started the group with a few members from my other happy parents group and today the contest group has 1,372 members. It was growing at a very fast rate but I stalled it by changing it from a public to closed group due to increase security for the group.

I have made many new friends along the way and won many new prizes along the way too. I discovered that if you work hard at something, anything at all (even joining contests and giveaways), your efforts won’t go to waste. Also, it is not all luck. Nothing comes free. Everything comes with hard work, time and effort.

Just a short post for now as it is a busy day. My first few posts will be rather haphazard just writing anything on my mind till I catch up with my recording of my adventures for the past 5 months.

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