Dominos Pizza with Cheese Dip

Complete the slogan (Pij-ja Ssamjeang sangat drama kerana… ) and win a mystery gift was what it said in the contest post by Domino’s. We were also required to find 5 differences in the picture below. That wasn’t too hard and quite fun too but …. the since the contest was in Malay, I felt compelled to write a Malay entry and well, I didn’t do very well in Malay in school….

Anyway, this was the slogan I came up with.
“Pij-ja Ssamjeang sangat drama kerana ia bagus dinikmati bila menonton drama Korea jadi bila menangis semasa menonton drama boleh menyalahkan Pij-ja yang menyebabkan tangisan bukan drama. Ini alasan yang paling baik kerana di rumah kami, bila menangis semasa menonton wayang akan diusik sekeluarga tak henti-henti. ?

The mystery gift turned out to be a free regular pizza code credited to my online Domino’s account which has a 30 day expiry period and valid with another purchase of another item. I bought cheese dip at RM0.50.

So the whole family enjoyed a free regular pizza for tea today with yummilicious cheese dip, all for only RM0.50. Now, that is surely something to be happy about.

We are regular Domino’s pizza customers and our order is always the same. Two regular pizzas and one fabulous four. What about you?

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