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Malaysia Mooncake boxes 2019

Malaysia Mooncake boxes 2019

Are we buying mooncakes or mooncake packaging? We’re definitely paying for packaging prizes as sellers get more and more innovative with their packages to outdo one another. This is especially so with hotel mooncakes. Some restaurant mooncakes have joined in the packaging war. However, you can still get the standard square tin boxes. Anyway, the […]

Lunch at Palsaik Korean BBQ Mid Valley M...

Lunch at Palsaik Korean BBQ Mid Valley Megamall

Since this was a long weekend, we decided to get together to celebrate my brother’s birthday which is in early September. We went to Palsaik Korean BBQ as I had won a RM50 voucher from their opening promo at Mid Valley Megamall. The above picture shows the entrance to the restaurant. I was wondering about […]

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