I have this craving for durians because no one in my family loves it like I do. I couldn’t possibly eat durians on my own so every durian season I would watch durian come and durian go on social media unfolding before my very eyes without touching even one.

So, to my delight I won a musang king durian mooncake recently. That ought to still my cravings for a while.

Not too long ago, I joined a giveaway by Paybats (@iBATSmy). Paybats offers payment solution for companies and in conjuction with the Mid Autumn Festival, they were running a giveaway campaign with 30 boxes of durian mooncake to giveaway!

iBATS Mid-Autumn Contest

I was really happy to be named one of the winners. Yay!

I won consolation prize of a box of durian mooncake

I soon received an evoucher to collect a box of mooncake as shown in the picture. RM108, that is the price of the box of 4 mooncakes.

My evoucher looks good enough to eat!

The evoucher is from Chi Liu Xiang Durian Dessert shop which does all kinds of durian confectionary. So that’s how I got to satisfy my durian craving.

I love the baby blue packaging. Its really sweet and pretty. So are the durian mooncakes.

Durian Mooncake successfully redeemed

The flower pattern from the durian mold was also very nice.

Four mooncakes in a box
There were two flower designs. This one is rose.

What about the durian mooncake? Well, it was yummy. Deliciously melt in the mouth, so soft, I wonder how they molded it into this shape. Recently I tried a mouthful of durian mooncake from a famous Chinese restaurant but it was not as good as this. That one was frozen, hard and the durian was more like ice-cream rather than durian. It did not retain the softness like this one did.

Yummy, soft, melt in the mouth musang king durian mooncake

When I was rushing out to collect this mooncake, I received notification that I had won another mooncake set! More about that in coming post!

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