I first heard about this brand on Facebook. It seems that they have a good presence on Facebook for every time I go onto FB, there they are, calling out to me to try their exciting health products. How to try? As a contest lover, well the best way to try is to have fun joining contests and get a sampling of their products if you win.

Many of my contest friends have won products too. My contest loving friends are all in a private group of contest lovers so sometimes we compare prizes.

“Have you received yours yet?” “What did you get?”

Signature Market certainly knows how to organizer exciting giveaways. They have giveaways on their Signature Market Facebook page as well as their Signature Market YouTube channel. They have exciting FB live giveaways to countdown to a marketing campaign or promo. There are so many ways to join, win, try their products and sign up on their website and after that you are hooked and there is no turning back.

I joined one of their YouTube contests recently. I love those because it requires you to watch a cooking demo (I love cooking demos) so that’s not too hard and after that you leave a comment and stand a chance to win…. exciting kitchen gadgets!!! I wanted to win the bread maker or air fryer so much! I didn’t but I didn’t do too bad either. I won RM150 worth of Signature Market products! It was a surprise box! I love mystery boxes, well, unless they are filled with outdated calendars, key chains or coasters.

I got my son to do an unboxing video of my mystery box from Signature Market since he just finished his exams and was doing nothing except playing video games all day. I think its better for him to learn some video editing skills so tadaaa here’s our unboxing video!

After unboxing the video, we “unpackaged” the packages. The video editor was hungry from all that editing. The fish skin was crispy, thin and delicious. The nuts were heavenly. We’re nuts about nuts by the way. However, even nutty people like us will know if the nut is not fresh. This one was.

Having said this, I must add that awhile back we did win some spicy fish skin but we did not find that to be as good as this. We found that one a bit on the thick side and not that fresh but perhaps it is because we are not particularly fond of spicy food to begin with.

Other items we had in our box include Organic Chia Seed Beetroot Ramen, Organic Apple Cider and Wild Honey Vinegar and Organic First Draw Soy Sauce.

I am now on their mailing list and every time I open it I feel tempted and the excitement never ends because they just keep on adding new products, now there’s even essential oils and baby cereals and biscuits. Fans of healthy living who love essential oils can check out the promo below.

Essential Oils for New Customer

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