Today I received a gift box from Box With Love. I won it at the Christmas Giveaway from Box With Love. I absolutely love receiving gift boxes like that. A box that has been curated with love by someone who has thoughtfully picked just the right gifts.

Box with Love has many gift boxes like this one. There are gifts for him or for her or pamper boxes etc. With Valentine’s Day not too far away from now, you can give this a try. Your loved one might enjoy it a lot. You can even customize your box.

Now, back to the box which I won. I won their Classic Box, I think that is what they call it. It is a box of memories, a nostalgic box of love! I love it. It was so exciting to open the box to discover all the little knick knacks inside together with my kids.

There were games, candies and toys from days of old. My kids don’t remember some of them but I certainly do! I had fun telling them about it and letting them try. The box went to my boy, the foodie in the house. He loves stuff like that so it is is belated Christmas present.

What’s inside the box. Choki choki, Nini, Ding Dang, White Rabbit Candy, Fizzy Kola candy, batu seremban, a little toy soldier with a parachute, paper doll and so much more! Super love!

Thank you to Box With Love. There’s even a card there for me. How thrilling! Makes me feel like a kid again!

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