Chinese New Year 2021 starts on 12 February 2021. This means it is almost time to decorate the home again!

Here are some must haves decoration items for your CNY decor.

1. Chinese New Year Lanterns

CNY Lanterns
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A pair of Chinese New Year Lanterns are the first thing that greets visitors to a home. Some families will hang the lanterns and keep it there for the entire year changing to a new one for the next new year. Some will keep in the store room after the New Year is over to recycle for the following year. However, some families prefer not to recycle because it is believed that when you recycle, you also recycle your bad luck into the New Year. Out with the old and in with the new is considered good luck for many other things too, not only lanterns.

2. Chinese New Year Flowers

CNY Flowers
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Popular flowers to use for decorating the home during Chinese New Year include the Chinese New Year willows and artificial Chinese New Year plum blossoms flowers or peach blossoms. In the past the Chinese New Year willows used to be in white. Nowadays you can find them in red, pink, purple, blue, green, yellow or just about any colour you fancy to brighten up your room and match your home decor. You can add some CNY Hanging Ornaments to your CNY willows or blossom flowers to give your CNY flower decorations some extra oomph!

3. CNY Hanging Ornaments

CNY Hanging Ornament
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CNY hanging ornaments can be used to decorate your Chinese New Year flowers and plants both indoors and outdoors on real plants too. Hanging ornaments are hung up in much the same way as Christmas tree ornaments. Usually they are in red and gold with tassels. Some will come with the word prosperity on it with little gold nuggets, lion dance ornaments or ornaments in the Chinese zodiac animal. These hanging decorations are so easy and versatile to use. You can buy a pack and hand them over to your children and let them surprise you to see where they hang them in the house. We hang them on our doorknobs on cupboard and drawers to put a little bit of red in all the rooms.

4. CNY Spring Festival Couplets

CNY Spring Couplets
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Spring Couplets are a pair of auspicious writings to grace the wall of our homes. Spring couplets express our wishes for the new year and may include wishes of prosperity, good health and harmonious family relationships. They are usually written on red paper in gold or black Chinese calligraphy writing. You could write them yourself on Chinese Red Couplets paper or buy these pre-printed CNY Spring Couplets. Just pick the wordings you prefer and tadaa, you’ve got your wishes ready to be hung up on your wall, usually side by side on both sides of your door.

5. CNY Door Sticker Decoration

CNY Door Sticker
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Similar to the Spring Couplet, these CNY Door sticker decoration usually come in pairs with some auspicious words or wishes. However, they are usually in cute cartoon character in the zodiac animal and sometimes come in 3-D shapes too.

6. CNY Animal Zodiac Plushies

CNY Plushies
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In more recent years, you can find cute Chinese zodiac animal plushies or soft toys for sale during Chinese New Year. These are great as gifts for kids. Nowadays they are also used as decorations to grace your table top or top of your shelve. The year 2021 is Year of the Ox, so you will see Year of the Ox plushies in many styles. They also come in different shapes and gender so you can buy just one or a whole family of plushies.

7. CNY String Fairy Lights

CNY Fairy Lights
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CNY fairy lights come in many shapes and colour. Preferred colour is red, naturally. You can choose from a variety of shapes for your fairy or string lights including CNY knots, mandarin orange, lanterns, wordings. They are battery operated and can be used indoors as well as outdoors.

8. Chinese New Year Wall Decals Stickers

CNY wall decals
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CNY Wall decals or stickers are a quick and easy way to instantly add a festive feeling to any wall, window or door. You can find them in many designs including lion dance, Families, animal zodiacs, flowers, lanterns. Some are fixed whereas some come in sets and it is up to your creativity to place your stickers in your home

9. CNY Plants

DIY CNY Prosperity Plant Set
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Popular plants to use for CNY decor include the CNY lucky Bamboo (which comes in many interesting shapes), Chrysanthemum plants and CNY lime trees. Plants can be used indoors or outdoors as decoration to brighten up your home for a festive mood.

10. Chinese New Year Ribbons

CNY Ribbons
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Those who like to DIY their home decorations will find CNY ribbons and angpow packets useful. Normally we don’t buy angpow packets for decorations. We buy the nice ones to give out and use some recycled ones to cut or fold into shapes for our DIY home decorations. The CNY ribbons usually come in red, gold or pink with or without letterings or wordings.

With these Top 10 CNY Decoration items, your house will be ready to welcome the Chinese New Year with abundant prosperity and joy.

Happy Decorating and Happy Chinese New Year!

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